MIDDLE CLASS COLLAPSE: Under Trudeau, Record-Low Number Of Canadians Consider Themselves ‘Middle Class’

Poll shows the number of Canadians describing themselves as middle class continues to fall, as Trudeau’s agenda of serving only the elites continues to take a toll.

Justin Trudeau ran an effective propaganda campaign in 2015.

He focused especially on the middle class, saying he could do better than the Harper government at helping the middle class “and those trying to join it.”

After two years, Trudeau’s so-called middle class agenda has been exposed as an empty fraud, replaced with an agenda that serves only the elites.

More evidence of that can be seen in poll numbers by Ekos Research, showing that the middle class continues to collapse.

In 2002, 70% of Canadians saw themselves as ‘middle-class.’

Now, under the Trudeau government, just 43% of Canadians see themselves as ‘middle-class,’ which is the lowest ever recorded by Ekos – lower than it ever was under the Harper government.

37% consider themselves working class, 13% ‘poor,’ and just 4% ‘upper class.’

It’s no surprise that this is happening, as Trudeau is expanding the size and power the government at the expense of Canadians. Taxes are taking more of our money, regulations are destroying billions in investment, and more and more money is taken to pay bureaucrats while real needs are ignored.

Even worse, the carbon tax will keep going up every year, which will make many Canadians poorer and damage our economy.

So, the guy who promised to support the middle-class is now overseeing the continuing collapse of that middle class, and is implementing policies that speed that collapse even further.

A total betrayal of Canadians, and another reason Trudeau can’t be trusted on anything.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Allis Chalmers

The middle class in this country has a very short memory re liberal govts. Middle class has always been victimized by liberals. Lower class and immigrants love liberalism either for the free ride or liberal loose immigration policies. End result is as shown a elimination of middle class tax payers. The end result of liberalism is socialism. VENEZUELA a prime example where this country is headed under liberalism.


I agree the liberals and NDP are socialists. If you don’t care about taxes or your own likelihood then vote these criminals in office. They care about everything, except there own country and people, hasn’t Trudeau proven that?


I absolutely agree with everything you have said in your comment. Mr Harper loves Canada, which Crime minister Trudeau doesn’t he is out to destroy Canada and our democracy, he wants us all to be poor, as he turn Canada in a third world country. I wish Mr Harper was still are PM! The election was rigged from the start. Laws need to be made so no government has this much power, and to protect us against corrupt government! The Canadian citizens need a voice.


Nancy, I couldn’t agree more! Nicely written piece!


I went from 100000 to 45k… i. being reduced to nothing under the liberals


Nicely said.