Pipeline Delays To Cost Canada $10.7 BILLION This Year

Our potential wealth is being taken from us because of anti-energy industry extremists and pathetic leadership.

Not long after a report that the anti-pipeline activists have cost Canada $117 BILLION over the past 7 years, it is now being revealed that pipeline delays will cost Canada another $10.7 BILLION in 2018, because of the discount at which our oil is sold due to our inability to get more of it to market.

According to BNN, ‘”Pipeline approval delays have imposed clear, demonstrable and substantial economic costs on the Canadian economy,” said bank chief economist Jean-Francois Perrault in a report Tuesday.”

Additionally, “Canadian producers would need Line 3 and at least one of the other pipelines to go forward or face indefinite pipeline constraints that would have an impact on Canada’s well-being with consequences that extend well beyond Alberta, said Perrault. “The elevated discounts come with a steep economic cost, and represent to a large degree a self-inflicted wound,” he said.”

While the report predicts that the discount could lessen – in part due to expanded rail capacity – it should be noted that the increasingly difficult bureaucratic process for pipeline approvals being imposed by the Trudeau government could make things even worse going forward.

Now, we are seeing the cost of pathetic ‘leadership,’ whether it’s the socialist NDP in BC attempting to block pipelines, or the Trudeau government refusing to stand up for Canada’s national interests.

Despite the fact that many of the anti-pipeline ‘activists’ are funded by foreign money, our leaders refuse to stand up to them, and the result is that our nation is far poorer than it should be and we are being deprived of wealth that should be helping the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

Inflicting such severe economic pain and hardship on our country, “self-inflicted wounds”, and at the same time accumulating a massive debt, is downright criminal negligence. Treating Canada as a toy for their ideological games!


I cannot understand how the LPC has let this Buffoon continue to lead! Trudeau has done irreparable damage to Canada! UNACCEPTABLE!!!


a lot of bufoons voted for his “locks n socks’ and his “sunny ways.” And they will again because the Liberal media is bought and paid for just as it is in the U.S. It was miraculous that Republicans took the election. I for one think it was a God given miracle south of the border and now we in Canada must do our part to rid the country of this divisive and destructive globalist puppet.


This should read, it costs the owners of the oil sands, it will be a loss to producers on Canadian soil. Very little of Canada’s oil is actually owned by Canadian companies. So again how will this impact regular Canucks since we don’t actually use any of the oil mined in our country? Perhaps if the government would insure a double shelled pipeline with automatic section shut offs to prevent leaks that no foreign company would pay to clean up. Perhaps if our government would construct a Canadian refinery, then I could see any of these dollar amounts actually applied… Read more »

don morris


Yes, you’re correct. Read about it and weep. Until I read your remark I was under the impression that Canadian companies owned the majority of the oil sands,but all those companies with nice Canadian sounding names have been bought out over the years.
The article I linked to is from 2012,but it’s probably gotten worse since then.


Our CANADA is being taken over by China and other countries! Trudeau and his Elite Globalists are killing us.