WATCH: Jagmeet Singh Says Trudeau Has “Sympathy” But Lacks “Empathy” As Virtue-Signalling Battle Begins

“He hasn’t lived the experiences that people face,” says Singh.

NDP Leader and committed virtue-signaller Jagmeet Singh – currently struggling in the polls and facing questions about his leadership abilities – appears to be setting a distinction between “sympathy” and “empathy” as he seeks to differentiate himself from Justin Trudeau.

When asked what makes him different than Trudeau, Singh said Trudeau lacked empathy and doesn’t understand the experiences that people face.

Watch Singh’s comments below:

Singh’s criticism of Trudeau is similar to points made by the Conservatives, as many have pointed out that Trudeau’s elitist upbringing makes him unable to understand middle class Canadians.

However, Singh may be able to talk about empathy, but his policies would expand the power and size of centralized government, and his massive tax hikes would make life even more unaffordable for millions of low-income and middle class Canadians. In that way, he’s just like Trudeau – with even more virtue-signalling.

So, what Singh really lacks – and what he shows no interest in acquiring – is common sense.

Canada doesn’t need another virtue-signalling ‘leader’ trying to fix everything through tax increases. After all, empathy and sympathy don’t mean anything if they accompany destructive policies.

We need lower taxes, smaller government, and policies that put our national interests ahead of empty politically correct rhetoric.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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