DESPICABLE: Trudeau Government Flew Liberal Chef To India With Taxpayers Money, Yet They Claim Veterans Are Asking For Too Much

A disgusting misuse of taxpayer dollars as the Trudeau government shows even more contempt for the Canadian people.

Apparently, the Trudeau government believes we, the Canadian people, exist in order for the government elites to live a life of luxury at our expense.

How else can they explain the new report from CTV (perhaps hoping to rehab their image in the wake of the Patrick Brown story controversy), that the government used our taxpayer dollars to fly Vikram Vij – a Liberal supporting chef – all the way to India to cook for a reception to be held on Thursday by the Canadian High Commissioner.

According the report, “Vij’s flight and hotel were paid for by taxpayers’ dollars, CTV News has learned. In a statement to CTV News, a government spokesperson confirmed that Vij was invited to the reception and that his “out-of-pocket expenses” are being covered.”

In a weak statement, the government said the following:

“Where appropriate, it is accepted practice for Canadian missions to invite ‎chefs from Canada to showcase Canadian food products and cuisine. Vikram Vij ‎is a prominent Indo-Canadian whose Vancouver restaurants are world-renowned for melding Canadian ingredients and the traditions of Indian cuisine.”

That’s no excuse, it’s a failed attempt to justify an unacceptable waste of taxpayer dollars.

Keep in mind, that Thursday reception Vij is cooking for appears to be the same event to which the government invited a convicted attempted murderer who was a part a Sikh separatist terrorist group.

As I said on Twitter, it’s disgusting that the government is wasting our taxpayer money on this, while they claim Canadian Veterans are asking for too much:

Canadians deserve better than this disgraceful joke of a ‘government.’

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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