POLL: Amid Infighting, Ontario PCs Retain Big Lead Over Liberals

Ipsos poll shows that all top PC leadership contenders would defeat the Wynne Liberals.

Despite continued controversy and party in-fighting, the Ontario PCs still retain a strong lead over the Liberals according to a new Ipsos poll.

The poll shows the PCs leading with 38%, while the Liberals have 29%, the NDP have 26%, and 18% are undecided.

The PCs also lead in the GTA, with 26%, ahead of the the NDP (17%) and Liberals (16%).

All potential leaders and current leaders have relatively low approval ratings. Kathleen Wynne is approved of by just 16%, while Patrick Brown has an approval rating of 18%.

However, the other PC candidates don’t fare much better, with all clustered around 22% approval.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath has an approval rating of 30%, though the NDP has had trouble translating that into actual votes.

Ontario Liberals lose hypothetical matchup to each top PC leadership contender

If the Liberals were hoping that the chaos engulfing the Ontario PCs would give them more support, this latest poll shows that’s not happening.

Under Patrick Brown, the PCs get 40% of the vote, compared to the Liberals at 24%, and the NDP at 27%.

Meanwhile, the PCs win 39% of the vote under Doug Ford, 38% under Caroline Mulroney, and 37% under Christine Elliott.

The Ipsos poll did not include Tanya Granic Allen.

In all scenarios, the PCs easily beat both the Liberals and NDP.

This shows that the anger towards the Ontario Liberals remains strong, with many voters motivated to defeat Kathleen Wynne regardless of what’s happening with the Ontario PCs.

It also shows that Ontario PC members should feel free to vote for a truly Conservative choice. After all, despite the elites saying that someone like Doug Ford is ‘unelectable,’ this latest poll shows him getting more support than both Elliott and Mulroney.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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