PROMISE BETRAYED: Information Commissioner Says Trudeau Government “Sliding Into More Secrecy”

The Trudeau government is actually disclosing less info than the Harper government did.

As Canadian Information Commissioner Suzanne Legault enters her last week on the job, she’s ripping the Trudeau government for failing to keep their “open government” promise.

In an interview with the Globe & Mail, Legault said “The government is sliding into more secrecy and actually not delivering on its promise. I think it is having a bit of a conflicting reaction, with its open government initiative and its pro-active disclosure on one side, and on the flip side, the way it is administering access to information in a reactive manner. Disclosure rates are down with this government, surprisingly.”

Legault regularly confronted the Harper government on info disclosure, and for her to say that the Trudeau government is disclosing less info than what happened under Harper is amazing.

After all, the Harper government was criticized – often fairly – for their secrecy with information that Canadians should have been able to know.

Yet, for Trudeau to have criticized Harper for secrecy, and then be even more secretive once he took power is massive hypocrisy, and a massive betrayal (a common theme to the Trudeau government) of what he promised Canadians.

“Openness and transparency” were a key part of Trudeau’s election campaign, meaning he was elected under false pretenses.

As the report notes, Legault thought the Trudeau government meant it when they said the government would be “open by default,” but it didn’t turn out that way:

“However, she said the reality has been different. While the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau spent much of its first year in government consulting Canadians on a wide number of topics, she said her views were never solicited before proposed amendments to the Access to Information Act were tabled last year.”

Those changes to the Access laws could now make things worse:

“Ms. Legault laments the fact the legislation would allow the government to refuse to respond to requests that are too vaguely defined, stating that goes against the principle at the heart of access to information. In addition, she said that challenging government decisions and obtaining documents would take longer under the proposed system.”

As many have pointed out – and as more Canadians are seeing – the Trudeau government works only for the elites, and the government is desperate to hide that fact in order to stay in power. Hence the increasing level of secrecy, as they try to deny Canadians the info we have every right to know.

So, the next time you hear someone say how secretive Harper was, let them know that the facts show Trudeau is much worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Elizabeth Moorhouse

Why are these people only coming forward when they are about to leave their jobs? Does the”Ministry of Truth” hold that much weight already? I’m not surprised by this announcement. It’s been as very obvious that the Liberals have been lying and cheating, since they took over the majority! What is sad, is how they are not called out on it by their insiders, until they have secured their pensions, and are ready to move on! So sad!

Ross Bell

We must work together to solicit the proper law enforcement agencies that have no affiliation with this Corrupt Government. He has destroyed Canadian, American relations. The American People will see us as untrusting and as bad as a third world Country. This absolutely Sickens me. Never in history has North America been so divided and untrusting Of one another. Time for Canadians to invite the USA in to rid us of this pollution called Trudeau. The most Dank, sour sewage ever spawned from the most vial excrement sludge ever to be recorded. Justin Traitor Trudeau, chip off the old Block.… Read more »

A.A. Burley

No words can describe this person. trudeau has ruined this country for years to come. He says pipelines are Fed. jurisdiction, yet he left Premier of Alberta to fight with BC while he is acting like his idea of a male from India, insulting most of them. The rest of India besides some Sikhs are insulted by trudeau’s associating with Sikh terrorists.trudeau has had pictures taken of him with the terrorist that attempted to murder a Sikh Cabinet Minister.Five bullets were fired into Malkiat Singh Sidhu by Jaspal(Jasper) Atwal in 1968 and Atwal was sentenced to 20 years.trudeau has had… Read more »

A.A. Burley

We Need An Election ! I would sell my soul to the devil for an election but, apparently Canadians already did that in 2015. Anyone and I mean anyone can throw cash and fly around the world.
Not answer any question and when you do speak it is gobbledy- goo that makes no sense.
#trudeaumustgo Fernando. Does anyone have any ideas how to call an election and avoid this crisis?