DEBACLE: Trudeau’s India Vacation Has Become A Total Disaster

India is a nation with strong historical and current connections to Canada, and has similar values. Yet, Trudeau has managed to turn his taxpayer funded vacation to the country into a disgraceful debacle.

A strong relationship with India is very important for Canada.

Unlike Communist China, India is a free and democratic nation, with similar values to Canada. India has a young population, and the fastest growing economy on Earth. They will soon be the world’s most populous nation.

All of that means that – unlike with China – Canada can deepen our ties to India without selling out our core Canadian values.

Additionally, the many people originally from India who have come to Canada and joined the Canadian family as great citizens are an important and enduring source of connection between Canada and India.

So, it should have been easy for Trudeau to at least have a decent vacation in India.

And yet, he couldn’t even accomplish that.

Instead, his taxpayer-funded photo-op has turned into a disastrous debacle.

First, Trudeau was criticized for the near-total absence of official work on the trip.

Then, he was caught lying about a supposed $1 billion investment by Indian companies into Canada – which actually turned out to be Canadian companies investing $750 million in India, with just $250 million going the other way.

That was followed by criticism over Justin and Sophie totally overdoing it in their ‘traditional garb,’ which was widely denounced by many people in India as totally over-the-top.

But that wasn’t the worst of it.

After the government tried to deny that the Trudeau Liberals had ties to Khalistani extremists who want to break up India and create a separate Sikh state, it was revealed that the Trudeau government had invited invited convicted murder Jaspal Atwal – a former member of a Khalistani terrorist group – to a state dinner with the PM.

Atwal even appeared in numerous photos with members of the Trudeau government, in addition to photos with Sophie Trudeau just in the past few days, and with Justin Trudeau over the past years.

Now, the internatonal media is reporting on the total disaster the trip has been:

As Trudeau’s fake image erodes, people around the world are seeing who he really is: A naive fool who has disturbing ties to extremists, and feels entitled to travel the globe on the taxpayers dime.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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While some of the Trudeau entourage disasters during his family holiday in India may be reported by the US media, rest assured that Canada’s dysfunctional mainstream media will do it’s best to avoid reporting on them, or ‘spin’ their coverage to minimize negative press.

Ana Gomes

On the first days of the trip, Rosemary Barton was already in a mission ,creating a narrative of great financial success for the actions of this Prime Mistake. I do not know who pays her for the snake oil rubs, but it becomes ridiculous and she has lost her credibility. It may cost her her career. Nationally paid news and biassed reporters…what else do you need to close this swamp? It is just too obvious. Cbc has to do it on its own. No money to any Media. Their failure is their fault. If they lost their credibility it is… Read more »

Kathy G.

Don’t miss the comments in the Daily Mail about his condescending attire.


PRICELESS!!!! Keep em coming.

I like watching Trudeau fail, it warms my heart.

Bert Harris

Its just amazing how he keeps making the same mistake over and over and thinks you can just apologize to India and to Canadians to make it right by telling that when the mistake was made they didn’t know that he was a terrorist before the picture was taken resign Justin your not only a lier your a embarrassment to Canada and a joke to all other countries around the world we need a real leader

Ray Decorby

In one of our articles about Trudeau’s visit to India, columnist Ajit Datta mentioned: “ Justin Trudeau is a mascot of everything that is wrong with the world today. From being at the forefront of encouraging every degeneracy to welcoming radicalism into his homeland, from cheap gimmicks of tokenism to attempts at creating a culture of politically correct absurdities, the stink of his leftist hypocrisy wafts far and wide. As citizen of India, I could not care less if the elected leader of Canada seeks to drive his nation to the dumps. But where it has an adverse effect on… Read more »


Everything Trudeau inflicts on Canada is cringe making!!!!!!! And expensive. But, hey, just raise taxes. We like sunny way taxes. Proves we are special.

scott burrows

I must disagree with you on one point, Spencer.
Contrary to the standard line, India is not a free society, not by the purest definition. Despite a half-century of struggle toward reforming the caste system, it is still very much embedded in the culture, politics and economies of India, so much so that a child born into the lowest of these castes will never be expected to advance beyond their station on the merit of their abilities – not as the system stands today.


The Caste system is slowly changing. Bit by bit the lower castes are able to slightly elevate themselves by learning and becoming more fluent in English.Yes ther still are the untouchables but it will take ages for thinking to change and society to adapt.

This is being ignored in Quebec.

Edward R Peebles

Hide his Marijuana!

Ed Peebles


An immature child playing dress-up. I doubt he even reads reports from around the world about how stunned, useless and pathetic he makes himself look. Is becoming mentally unbalanced? Is he so self-absorbed he has lost touch with reality?

One single person, all by himself, has made Canada a joke in the eyes of the entire world. He offends me.

Thanks, Ray, for the quote from columnist Ajit Datta. Absolutely perfect. That is a keeper.

Andre Paquin

And to think that this Lilliputian and his fan boys and girls were touting the notion that he was going take over as the “Leader of the Free World” when President Trump decimated the Clinton creature in his historic electoral landslide.

For the sake of Canada, he needs to dissolve Parliament, resign, and return to a vocation better suited to his level of competence. Perhaps he can get his part time drama teacher job back

Christian Christian

You’re examples of how Trudeau’s trip is a “disaster” shows you are grasping at straws. These are all the kind of tiny flubs that happen with every leaders’ trips abroad. Imagine what’s going to happen when Drumpf visits India.


So Trudeau is the laughing stock of one-seventh of the world’s population after having spent a week insulting their culture and dragging a convicted criminal along with him to India, but TRUUUUUUUMMMMMPPPPPP! Beyond pathetic.


What an amateur! Does the boy prime minister not have a seasoned political ‘adult’ advising him so that Canada does not become the laughing stock of their allies around the world? I hope Canadians who voted this fool into office are waking up before the next election and Canada is ruined, and not just financially.

Doug W

I love seeing people complain about socks but the one question I have is, how many of these people now complaining were hoodwinked & swooned over him & voted for the imbecile? Harper said he was not ready & he is most likely seeing these reports about socks being the village idiot & rolling of the floor laughing his ass off.

Doug W

I love seeing people complain about socks but the one question I have is, how many of these people now complaining were hoodwinked & swooned over him & voted for the imbecile? Harper said he was not ready & he is most likely seeing these reports about socks being the village idiot & rolling of the floor laughing his ass off.
I’d like to know how many fools in the east regret their stupidity that voted for him?

Wendy Lush

I simply marvel at Harper’s self-restraint.


Doug I am from Ontario and yes I have been fooled, I don’t know how these Lieberals got voted in, I certainly would never vote for them, Ontario is full of newcomers to Canada and that is the only people I see voting for them Federally or Provincially, I feel like the very unwanted Canadian in a crowd especially if you say anything against Liberals and how Ontario was way better years ago when it was Conservative, but now there is way too much debt for the Conservatives to do anything without long term work, but I actually see sometimes… Read more »

Wendy Lush

That top photo is the personification of a brainwashed stoner radical Woodstock flower-child. God help us.

Wendy Lush

You are correct. I understand that 1,000,0000 does not include foreign students or temporary foreign workers. This insanely high figure of one million foreigners in 3 years is being dictated to us by a Somali muslim immigrant (without consulting Canadians btw), who himself was appointed by WhackJob Justin solely as a snub to conservative Canadians.

The new Liberal thinking is to direct these “future Canadians” to small-town Canada. We are witnessing nothing less than the takeover and replacement of traditional Canada and old-stock Canadians with foreign populations.

What will it take to get Canadians off their butts and react?


Not everyone considered the trip a success.