DEBACLE: Trudeau’s India Vacation Has Become A Total Disaster

India is a nation with strong historical and current connections to Canada, and has similar values. Yet, Trudeau has managed to turn his taxpayer funded vacation to the country into a disgraceful debacle.

A strong relationship with India is very important for Canada.

Unlike Communist China, India is a free and democratic nation, with similar values to Canada. India has a young population, and the fastest growing economy on Earth. They will soon be the world’s most populous nation.

All of that means that – unlike with China – Canada can deepen our ties to India without selling out our core Canadian values.

Additionally, the many people originally from India who have come to Canada and joined the Canadian family as great citizens are an important and enduring source of connection between Canada and India.

So, it should have been easy for Trudeau to at least have a decent vacation in India.

And yet, he couldn’t even accomplish that.

Instead, his taxpayer-funded photo-op has turned into a disastrous debacle.

First, Trudeau was criticized for the near-total absence of official work on the trip.

Then, he was caught lying about a supposed $1 billion investment by Indian companies into Canada – which actually turned out to be Canadian companies investing $750 million in India, with just $250 million going the other way.

That was followed by criticism over Justin and Sophie totally overdoing it in their ‘traditional garb,’ which was widely denounced by many people in India as totally over-the-top.

But that wasn’t the worst of it.

After the government tried to deny that the Trudeau Liberals had ties to Khalistani extremists who want to break up India and create a separate Sikh state, it was revealed that the Trudeau government had invited invited convicted murder Jaspal Atwal – a former member of a Khalistani terrorist group – to a state dinner with the PM.

Atwal even appeared in numerous photos with members of the Trudeau government, in addition to photos with Sophie Trudeau just in the past few days, and with Justin Trudeau over the past years.

Now, the internatonal media is reporting on the total disaster the trip has been:

As Trudeau’s fake image erodes, people around the world are seeing who he really is: A naive fool who has disturbing ties to extremists, and feels entitled to travel the globe on the taxpayers dime.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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