DISTURBING: Ujjal Dosanjh Says Khalistani Sympathies “Have Seeped Deep Into The Veins Of Our Political System”

“Do we have no shame?” asks Dosanjh, a former Liberal cabinet minister and opponent of Sikh separatism who was once almost killed by Khalistani extremists.

A former Liberal cabinet minister isn’t holding back on his opinion of how the Trudeau government has allowed Khalistani extremists to exercise disturbing levels of influence.

In an interview with CBC Radio, Dosanjh raised serious concerns.

Here are some key excerpts:

“Do you have no shame?” is the question you put to the prime minister.

Oh, absolutely. Do we have no shame? I mean, do we have no shame that we are taking, as part of our delegations, our receptions, the man who tried to kill an Indian cabinet minister? That’s what I meant.

And I said that the Khalistani sympathies … have seeped deep into the veins of our political system, and I maintain that.

Part of the reason the government of India and the Indians are mad is that Canadian politicians have never stopped — never ever stopped — going to these parades where these violent murderers like [Air India bombing mastermind] Talwinder Parmar are glorified as heroes.

Dosanjh also made a great point about why Canada must strongly oppose the Khalistani movement.

“And if you want to trade with one of the largest economies in the world — and a democracy, to boot — then we should be more sensitive to their concerns and we should stop cavorting with these separatists who want to dismember the country.”

What Dosanjh is saying is total common sense, and he speaks from deep personal experience.

The fact that he even needs to say this shows just how far Trudeau has pulled the Liberals down into the pit of moral relativism and association with extremism.

After all, there have been times throughout Canadian history when the Liberal Party worked in the interest of Canadians, and even the Paul Martin government was far more patriotic and loyal than the Trudeau government is.

Now, Trudeau panders to the worst of the worst, sells out our values, betrays our nation, and embarrasses us on the global stage.

He has turned his party, and the federal government itself, into a force that acts against Canadians, and that has brought our nation to a very dangerous and disturbing moment.

After all, we know that if our government is being infiltrated and influenced by a violent foreign separatist organization, then the government is not really the ‘Canadian’ government anymore, and no Canadian can be expected to trust it.

That’s why all Canadians must call for the defeat of every politician who refuses to denounce and fight Khalistani influence, and we must purge our political system of disloyalty.

In this disturbing era, the voices of those like Ujjal Dosanjh must be heeded before Canada is lost.

Spencer Fernando

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