VIDEO: Speaking In India, Trudeau Forgets How Old Canada Is

#TrudeauInIndia keeps getting worse and worse, as he forgets #Canada150 and says our country celebrated the “100th anniversary of Canadian Confederation.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

Justin Trudeau’s disaster vacation in India keeps getting worse.

While speaking in New Delhi, Trudeau talked about how both Canada and India celebrated anniversaries:

Said Trudeau, “Our countries both marked some big milestones. You celebrated the 70th Anniversary of Indian Independence, and we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation.”

Except, last year Canada actually celebrated 150 years of Confederation, not 100.

Trudeau apparently doesn’t even know how old Canada is, despite the gigantic amount of money his government spent promoting the event last year.

Watch Trudeau’s fail below:


How will he embarass Canada next?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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