AUTHORITARIAN: Trudeau Government Banned Indian Magazine From Reception Because Of Critical Coverage

The government had invited Outlook to a reception with the High Commissioner, but rescinded the invite after articles criticizing the government’s links to Khalistani extremists.

Outlook – a magazine in India – was banned from a reception with the Canadian High Commissioner in India – even though they had been previously invited.

As Outlook has pointed out, the invite was rescinded after they wrote articles critical of the government:

“‘Liberal’ Canadian Prime Minister’s Office on Thursday withdrew invitation to High Commissioner dinner for Outlook magazine.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau feted the world over as the new face of “liberalism” seem to find it difficult to accommodate critical media coverage. An hour-before the high commissioner’s reception for dinner for Trudeau the invitation to Outlook was withdrawn.”

According to Outlook, an official from the Indian government “admitted that he was instructed by the Canadian PM’s Office to withdraw the invite because Outlook which had done a cover story on “ Khalistan – II made in Canada” cannot be in guest list to welcome Trudeau.”

Pathetically, the government tried saying the invite was simply “issued in error.”

This simply adds to the evidence that behind Trudeau’s fake “open” image, there’s an authoritarian ideology.

That’s why it’s notable to see Outlook put “liberalism” and “liberal” in quotes when referring to Trudeau, as he really isn’t in keeping with what liberalism (which was once meant to be about individual freedom), used to be.

Keep in mind, Trudeau is threatening to regulate Facebook and bail out the media, meaning he wants to extend his authoritarian attitude into seeking more control over what can and cannot be said.

If he’s willing to suppress criticism overseas, just imagine what he’ll do here at home.

Spencer Fernando

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Socialism, dictators and what was once liberals, yep Globalists, the UN etc. all want to be authoritarians and control the world. I am sure glad that India still has free press. They are being so very polite to our boy socks, even when he is not being towards them. If he was not our prime minister we could laugh at him, but, how did he get in our high office????

Moe Somers

Outlook Magazines headline should have been, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.” The virtue-signaling fool who cavorts with radicals, terrorists, a convicted murderer, and Khalistan separatists doesn’t want Outlook Magazine at the dinner table! This Prime Minister should be barred from entering McDonald’s for fear he’ll show-up wearing Ronald McDonald’s clown suit.

Jill Ward

wow, the balls of our baby doc making demands and shutting out media in other countries because they tell the FACTS ABOUT HIM, THE LIBERALS AND WHAT IS GOING ON IN CANADA! WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS??? Hope this goes all over the globe as well. Simply boggles the mind as it NEVER ENDS WITH THIS MENTALLY UNBALANCE FREAK!


Further evidence of how childish and juvenile Canada’s PM is. Can you imagine another four years of this ninkompoop?

Norbert Kausen

So there you have it, Trudeau emulating his heroes, the Chinese Communist Party!!!


” DADDY BUTTS look what ‘Outlook’ magazine is saying about me and it hurts. Can you do something?”
” Sure little one, try not to cry, daddy here will make sure that mean magazine is not invited to your party”.
It shows how weak Justin is. He can’t take criticism just as long HE criticizes and insults others.

Rick Enright

Is OUTLOOK the Indian version of MAD magazine?


If we cannot make him step down as Prime Minister, is there not some way that we can make him stop taking his very embarrassing family vacations at our expense. Maybe actually getting a Canadian shadow government for Canadians and to actually work for Canada, and leave this puppet to amuse himself and everyone else with his socks and lies and damaged thoughts, we are hearing very little about what is being done behind the scenes by his puppet masters and a real open honest government is what we need. Not the criminals and terrorists that this authoritarian liberal globalist… Read more »

Mary Olive

No surprise! Typical of dictatorship country. Happens on a regular basis since Trudeau (with help of Soros & other globalists) rigged the Muslim brotherhood takeover of our previous Canadian Democracy. This will change in 2019 when we the Canadian people take back our beloved Canada.


“dear leader” is starting to restrict free speech. trudeau has not learned a tree limb will only bend so far before it snaps…

Wendy Lush

Interesting. He’s even a tyrant abroad.

JT ought to remember that throughout history many coup d’etats happened while the leader was abroad.

You listening, Scheer?