POLL: Majority Of Canadians Oppose Attempts To Block Trans Mountain Expansion

Survey also shows more people support the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline than oppose it.

A new poll by Angus Reid shows that – while Canadians are split between the arguments being made by the B.C. and Alberta governments – a majority of Canadians say it’s wrong for B.C. to be trying to block the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Here are some of the key numbers:

45% say the B.C. government is right to try and ‘delay’ the expansion, while 55% say the B.C. government is wrong.

53% of respondents say the federal government should have the final say on energy projects, because they are located in multiple provinces and have a broad impact on the nation.

The poll shows that 49% of Canadians support the expansion, while just 33% oppose it.

Regional differences

As expected, 82% of Albertans support the focus on economic benefits of the project, as do a majority of people in Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Meanwhile, a majority of respondents in B.C., Quebec, Manitoba, and Atlantic Canada support the environmental focus of the B.C. government.

However, it should be noted that of all the ways to transport oil, pipelines have been found to be the most environmentally friendly.

Interestingly, Angus Reid notes that support for the idea of environmental protection being pushed by the B.C. NDP is higher than support for seeing that idea being used as a reason for blocking the expansion:

“While the claim that John Horgan and the NDP have made does appear to resonate with a substantial number of Canadians, in action, they’re less inclined to think that the decision to delay the project was the right one. In British Columbia, the 58 per cent who said the government has a better argument translates into just 48 per cent who say that same government made the right choice in acting to delay the project.

Majority sympathy all but disappears across the country on the decision. Six-in-ten in Quebec (59%) say the BC NDP is right to take this action, but a majority in all other regions disagree. It’s worth noting that in Manitoba, this majority is by the slimmest of margins, and within the margin of error.”

So – despite the massive amount of foreign money that has flowed into Canada in an attempt to turn people against our energy industry – it seems that a majority of Canadians still see the importance of the industry to our country, and support pipeline projects to get our energy to market.

Now, imagine how much more support there would be for the energy industry and energy projects if there wasn’t such a massive tide of foreign interference trying to take the industry down.

Read more about the poll here.

Spencer Fernando

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While globalist companies and people stop our oil from reaching the market, Venezuela now has a petrol based crypto currency set up by globalists companies to sell their oil. I wish I had downloaded the PDF to share but it was gone?? when I tried,
but CNN and other news have a version of it. Maybe we need to become more desperate so they can take over ours??? Just wondering??


Me again, forgot to add: Interprovincial Pipelines had a right of way on our farmland, they checked it regularly never a problem. Every year they brought us a really great recipe book with all their emergency numbers and asked if we had any concerns, we never did. The pipeline was well marked and you could take the tractor over it without worry, I believe they are or were an Alberta company and we lived in Ontario. I would rather have a pipeline than see it being trucked.


Justin: That’s cheap to have someone cancel invitation one hr before event. Part of the job of Prime Minister is to endure criticism from outside of your office in a diplomatic matter. Isn’t it good enough that you have a lot of MSM under influence. Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things. ~Winston Churchill Set the ego aside, and put on the big boy pants so you are able to hear/communicate on issues. YOU ARE ON THE WORLD… Read more »


the last post should have gone under other article
re banning the India media from the dinner.


Justine Trudeau down-right sucks!

Ron Voss

Now, imagine how much more support there would be for the energy industry and energy projects if there wasn’t such a massive tide of of foreign interference and indoctrination by the mainstream media, etc. promoting the notion of man-made, er, people-made, climate change.