REPORT: Conservatives Call For Emergency Meeting About Security After Jaspal Atwal Invite Debacle

Canadians need to know how and why the Trudeau government allowed a convicted attempted murderer to get an invite.

As the fallout over the Trudeau government inviting Jaspal Atwal – a convicted attempted murderer and former member of an illegal Khalistani extremist group – to a state dinner with the PM, the Conservatives are calling for an emergency meeting to get answers.

As noted by the CP, “Conservative public safety critic Pierre Paul-Hus wants the House of Commons committee on national security to review the Privy Council Office’s screening practices following Jaspal Atwal’s attendance at a reception this week.”

The invite of Atwal – who has also been seen in photos with Sophie Trudeau and members of the Liberal cabinet – sparked outrage in both Canada and India.

It came not long after Trudeau had attempted to claim that the government didn’t have connections to Sikh separatists, a claim which was demolished as the invite of Atwal was revealed.

Now, we will see if there are any members of the government who are willing to stand with the Conservatives and make sure Canadians get answers, or if they will instead do Trudeau’s bidding and keep the truth hidden.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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