UH OH: Convicted Attempted Murderer Jaspal Atwal Says He And Justin Trudeau Are Friends

It keeps getting worse for Justin, as the PMO desperately tries to deny the claim that Atwal and Trudeau are friends, even as Atwal says they had conversations together in Atwal’s Hummer.

The PMO’s attempt to distance Justin Trudeau from convicted attempted murderer (and former Khalistani extremist) Jaspal Atwal has totally fallen apart.

Atwal himself is saying he and Trudeau are friends, and they have known each other for years.

As noted by the CP, “Atwal said he has known Trudeau for years. During one of Trudeau’s visits to B.C. in 2008 or 2009, he said the pair sat together in Atwal’s Hummer and chatted. “We know each other. He knows my name, he’ll come and say, ‘Hey Jas, how you doing?’ We have a good relationship I never see any problem,” he said in the interview on Saturday. “But now he says, ‘Oh Jaspal’s not supposed to be here, this and that.’ It surprised me.”

Trudeau’s PMO spokesman Cameron Ahmed desperately tried to deny that Trudeau and Atwal are friends:

“That is not true,” Ahmad said in an interview. Asked about the Humvee conversation, Ahmad said: “I don’t know what he’s referring to there, but no, they are not (friends).”

The problem for Trudeau and the PMO is that nobody trusts him anymore.

Of course the PMO will say he’s not friends with Jaspal Atwal.

They can’t admit it’s true, so they have to deny it.

Yet, this government has lied over and over and over again, and the total debacle that was the India trip revealed that special Trudeau combo of dishonesty and incompetence to the world.

Interestingly, Atwal is also questioning the PMO claim that they rescinded his invite:

“Atwal said his invitation to the Canadian high commissioner’s dinner in New Delhi was not rescinded. He said he volunteered not to attend because he thought it might embarrass the prime minister after photos of him with Sophie Gregoire Trudeau at the event in Mumbai garnered negative media attention. He said he told a Liberal party official: “I don’t want to see our prime minister embarrassed. I will not come to Delhi, so please take me off the list. This is what I told them.”’

Clearly, this is a massive scandal.

It seems the Trudeau PMO has been caught perpetrating massive lies – including a pathetic and dangerous attempt to pin the blame on the Indian government – something the government has provided ZERO evidence of.

That’s why there must be a full independent investigation lead by both the Conservatives & NDP into the Trudeau government’s possible connections with Khalistani extremists (though it’s unlikely Jagmeet Singh would agree to that – if he doesn’t the Conservatives should demand it on their own).

If Trudeau refuses to agree to such an investigation, Canadians will have every right to believe that he and the government have something to hide, and we will have every right to demand a vote of non-confidence. In fact, considering the lies the PMO already seems to have been caught in, and considering how Trudeau so massively embarrassed our nation, the Canadian people deserve a non-confidence vote in Trudeau right now.

Canadians deserve answers, and the dishonest and deceptive PMO clearly won’t provide them. Only a full investigation can get to the truth, and anything less is totally unacceptable.

Spencer Fernando

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