BROWN DOWN: Patrick Brown Quits PC Leadership Race

The former Ontario PC leader had reportedly faced threats, and is facing an investigation by the integrity commissioner.

The up and down fortunes of Patrick Brown are down again.

After losing the leadership of the Ontario PC Party in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal (which featured media reports which often didn’t hold up under scrutiny), Brown had been attempting to make a big comeback in the Ontario PC leadership race triggered by his initial exit.

However, in the wake of reports that he is being investigated by the integrity commissioner, and amid reports that he has been receiving death threats, Brown’s comeback attempt has come to an end.

That was confirmed in a Tweet by Ontario PC Party official Hartley Lefton:

Before Brown stepped down, Alise Mills – a spokesperson for his campaign – mentioned that he had received threats:

Brown was also facing an investigation by the integrity commissioner, in relation to potential financial issues. The request for a review came from PC MPP Randy Hillier.

Before dropping out, Brown’s chances of winning the leadership were hampered by his support of a deeply unpopular carbon tax, something all of his leadership race opponents had pledged to oppose.

READ: Patrick Brown’s resignation statement:

Spencer Fernando

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Dave Bainard

Obviously Mr Brown didn’t seek any advice from William Jefferson Clinton.


I for one am so happy that he is done again! He is one shady dude let me tell ya!

Roger Shelswell

Another liberal scum bag quits.

don morris

It makes you wonder if Brown is a secret agent working for the Liberal Party. He has caused so much negative publicity for PC’s, a lot of voters are going to either decide to stick with Wynne or vote NDP.

Wth is wrong with Ontario Conservatives that they can’t seem to mount an effective opposition to the corrupt Liberals?

I agree with some commenters that Brown’s real enemies are in the PC party.