HIDING: Trudeau Skipping Question Period To Take ‘Personal’ Day After Disastrous India Vacation

Apparently, Trudeau’s 8 day long taxpayer-funded vacation in India wasn’t enough.

Justin Trudeau is hiding from Question Period.

The PMO issued an advisory saying he is taking a ‘personal’ day:

Trudeau Question Period


Trudeau was just on a big vacation on our dime, and is now skipping QP.

He knows that he’s going to get grilled, as Canadians are demanding answers for his ties to convicted attempted murderer Jaspal Atwal, his PMO’s attempt to blame Atwal’s invite on the Indian government, his lie about an investment deal, forgetting how old Canada was, and the fact that most of the trip was a personal family vacation, not a working trip.

Canadians deserve answers on all of that, yet Trudeau has decided to skip QP instead.

It’s as if he’s trying to see how arrogant and unaccountable he can be.

The fact that Trudeau is hiding from QP goes to show that he knows the questions will be tough, and he knows has no good answers.

If he can’t handle the job – and he obviously can’t – he should do the right thing for Canada and step aside.

Spencer Fernando

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He is skipping because he CANT ANSWERS any questions. He does not have the answers yet.


Trudeau should not “step aside”. He should get the Hell Out!


He’s memorizing the non answers he will be giving tomorrow! Takes time you know!


PM STEPHEN HARPER had more guts to stand and face criticism than you ever will, you coward.
JUSTIN TRUDEAU has already damaged our reputation in the world and Standing behind the muzzled media is not going to help this coward when having to face the ‘real world’
At least the INIAN MEDIA saw right through this arrogant man to point out ‘what Justin intentions were on his visit to India which is to disrupt that nation to suit his extremists voting bank in Canada.


I know it’s wishful thinking – but hopefully he’s home with Delhi Belly or the worst dysentery known to PEOPLEKIND….. lol


My goodness Spencer, don’t you realize the poor little fella has to go shopping for a new wardrobe? What else could he possibly be doing, hiding? Dance lessons? Cooking lessons from his cook? Getting reprogrammed? If he does show up at work Tuesday, we can expect he will sit down and shut up like he is told to, and pay full attention to the orders being dictated to him in his earbud by Butts and the M-103 gang. The amateur filthy rich offshore tax haven king will have the entire day taken up, pretending to present another budgetary disaster.


Trudeau should actually be ashamed of himself but , does as he pleases on our dime.

alan skelhorne

that would be a blessing, however, if he stepped down, he still has to face the people of canada, or will that be a stipulation for him stepping down.


With luck he’ll go for a walk and forget his way back.

Cal Nomen

I thought he only showed up for work on Wednesdays … “Blah, ummm, aaah, Blah, errrr, ummm, Blah, umm, Middle Class, ahhh, errr, umm, One Percenters …”


Loser, i can’t wait to vote this fool and his band of thieves out. It can’t come fast enough.


LOL! The wee coward has a big yellow streak down his back.


Trudeau is the scum of the earth and he lied about everything. He knew Atwal was attending this dinner in India and he has known this man since 2008 and has photo ops with this Atwal. In Monday’s Toronto Sun paper, February 26, page 10, titled TRUDEAU’S PAL. Atwal say’s he bowed out of dinner to spare PM embarrassments. Trudeau is the most despicable PM in the History of Canada. He is the destruction of our beautiful country. Canadian’s need to send this dictator and traitor out the door and close the borders behind him.


Between his previous absences in Parliament sessions, his elbowing of another MP, that his skin is unusually grey during question periods, and that he has to listen to an assistant in his earbud to help him answer questions, it is obvious that he has neither the intellectual capacity nor the courage to handle a government in the manner a leader of a Westminster parliamentary system. That is not news to anybody, but I believe that this trip to India has our excuse for a prime minister genuinely contemplating whether or not he should step down. Between his lack of serious… Read more »


Perhaps he needs a few days off to meet with Atwal so the two can get their “story” to match?

Wendy Lush

This is in line with his ‘divine ruler’ mindset. Question Period is all so tedious and beneath him. Remember Trudeau wanted a motion passed that required the PM to be present in the HoC only one day a week, presumably so he can give us more of his dreaded Townhall bs, and to jet off to his fan base abroad.

Brad Shaw

What an absolute gong-show of a leader. Trudeau is nothing but a man-child who has zero business running (there’s a joke) a Country of this size and importance. I have never been more embarrassed to be a Canadian in my life, and also have never felt more vulnerable to serious outside threats as I do with this bone head in charge. All the Liberal snowflakes that voted this imbecile into power, had better take a long look in the mirror as the next election approaches and really reflect on his complete lack of skills, maturity, ethics, morals and principles –… Read more »