HIDING: Trudeau Skipping Question Period To Take ‘Personal’ Day After Disastrous India Vacation

Apparently, Trudeau’s 8 day long taxpayer-funded vacation in India wasn’t enough.

Justin Trudeau is hiding from Question Period.

The PMO issued an advisory saying he is taking a ‘personal’ day:

Trudeau Question Period


Trudeau was just on a big vacation on our dime, and is now skipping QP.

He knows that he’s going to get grilled, as Canadians are demanding answers for his ties to convicted attempted murderer Jaspal Atwal, his PMO’s attempt to blame Atwal’s invite on the Indian government, his lie about an investment deal, forgetting how old Canada was, and the fact that most of the trip was a personal family vacation, not a working trip.

Canadians deserve answers on all of that, yet Trudeau has decided to skip QP instead.

It’s as if he’s trying to see how arrogant and unaccountable he can be.

The fact that Trudeau is hiding from QP goes to show that he knows the questions will be tough, and he knows has no good answers.

If he can’t handle the job – and he obviously can’t – he should do the right thing for Canada and step aside.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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