REPORT: China’s ‘Basic Dictatorship’ Planning To Abolish Presidential Term Limits

Move opens the way for Xi Jinping to stay in office for a long-time.

China’s leader Xi Jinping has already rolled back any movement towards freedom in China.

The press, universities, and the military have all been brought under even more Communist Party centralized control, and power has been concentrated in the hands of one leader (Xi), in contrast to a move towards a more team-oriented structure.

Now, China’s government is set to become even more dictatorial.

A plan to change the constitution and abolish Presidential term limits would let Xi Jinping stay in power for a long time.

As noted by the South China Morning Post, “If confirmed at the end of the annual National People’s Congress session next month, the removal of the remaining constitutional barrier on presidential term limits would open the door for President Xi Jinping to stay in power for as long as he liked, just like other authoritarian potentates, analysts said.”

Former diplomat Robert Daly said the move could help strengthen the contrast between China and democratic nations:

“The US and other democratic nations should use this latest, clearest Chinese rejection of democracy to highlight the importance of transparency, representative governance, and liberal institutions worldwide. Without such a counter-example, a growing number of countries will credit the purported confidence and competence of what is, undeniably now, Xi’s China.”

Hwang Jae-ho from the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in South Korea explained the key problem with all authoritarian regimes:

“When Xi becomes authoritarian and has few people making good suggestions, it will be easier for Xi to make wrong decisions; and for the same reason, if wrong decisions come out, the possibility of being corrected quickly is low.”

China’s move towards an even more stepped-up dictatorship shows how they are at odds with the values of Western civilization, and should be disturbing to all who advocate for democracy.

A lack of term limits can be acceptable – though not ideal – in a country where leaders can be voted out in free elections. But in a nation without free elections, term limits at least created a structural possibility for minimal renewal. With that gone, China has become even more authoritarian.

Don’t expect Trudeau to condemn or even issue a statement of concern about China’s latest move, as he sees much to admire in the ruthless Communist state.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Gloria Saunders

Probably Trudeau will be over there to take some lessons.


Pierre Trudeau was in the Communist Party here in Canada before he switched to Lieberals, his son is just following in his footsteps, Pierre’s friends – Aga Khan, jihadi Muslims, Cuba’s dictator, George Soros, many “stars” etc. that all have authoritarian, socialist elite agendas. We all knew this, but somehow he got voted in??????


A permanent dictator – our Clown Queen’s wet dream.

Moe Somers

Mr. Xi has now absolute control of the party, army, and state. A one-man dictatorship. His authority supreme law of China. Why should Canada care? “One Belt One Road” which is an infrastructure program plan of Mr. Xi, which means all high-speed rails, shipping routes ie; Canadian Arctic and air transport will pass through Beijing. If countries such as Canada don’t comply, China will retaliate with economic punishment through trade and investment. Chinese Canadians will be expected to show loyalty to China. Canadians and our politicians will without a doubt see more of China’s interference in our country in the… Read more »


Thanks Moe. very insightful. We may all be dead and gone before life in Canada deteriorates to a state with zero powers to control our own destiny but the levers of [negative] change are being pulled in the present by traitors and external players. Change for the better will be difficult to achieve due to the numbers. I’m guessing here but perhaps 20% of the population has no problem with the direction of the country, regardless of future outcomes. Perhaps another 30% are too busy in their lives to be adequately informed. Perhaps another 40% have at least some sense… Read more »