REPORT: Justin Trudeau Appoints Former Omar Khadr Lawyer To Canada’s Federal Court

John Norris represented Khadr from August 2011, to January 2013.

In a move that will add to the mountain questions over Justin Trudeau’s attitude towards terrorism, the government has appointed a former lawyer for Omar Khadr to the federal court:

The lawyer is John Norris, who represented Khadr from August 2011 to January 2013.

Here’s the announcement from the federal government:

“The Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, today announced the following appointments under the new judicial application process announced on October 20, 2016. The new process emphasizes transparency, merit, and diversity, and will continue to ensure the appointment of jurists who meet the highest standards of excellence and integrity.

Elizabeth Walker, Chairperson of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police External Review Committee, is appointed a judge of the Federal Court. She fills a new position created under An Act to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Federal Courts Act (S.C. 2010, c. 8).

John Norris, a sole practitioner based in Toronto, is appointed a judge of the Federal Court. He fills a new position created under An Act to amend the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Federal Courts Act (S.C. 2010, c. 8).”

Norris’ website includes the following summary:

“John Norris represents clients charged with serious criminal offences including murder, terrorism, sexual assault and drug offences. He has developed a specific expertise in international aspects of criminal law including extradition, international prisoner transfers and mutual legal assistance. John has appeared before the Supreme Court of Canada close to twenty times. He appears regularly in Federal Court on national security matters, and often argues appeals in criminal matters before the Court of Appeal for Ontario. He also appears regularly in criminal trial courts.”

The site also includes this, as one of the cases Norris was involved in:

“Omar Khadr v. Minister of Public Safety (Federal Court)
Counsel for Omar Khadr, a Canadian held on war crimes in the U.S. military detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, on his transfer to Canada pursuant to the International Transfer of Offenders Act.”

Journalist Brian Lilley expressed the concerns of many Canadians:

In an article on his website, Lilley added,

“What I can tell you about John Norris is that he has defended a number of terrorists and accused terrorists. In fact he seems to seek that out. A look at his website shows he acted as Omar Khadr’s lawyer in one lawsuit against the Canadian government and acted as an intervener in two other cases effectively supporting Khadr’s position.”

Lilley also points out that Norris defended members of the Toronto 18 and other individuals accused of terrorism.

Trudeau’s disturbing weakness towards terrorism

In the wake of his disastrous trip to India, which included inviting a former convicted murderer who was a member of a Khalistani extremist group, Trudeau will now face even more questions about his disturbingly weak attitude towards terrorism.

Trudeau gave Omar Khadr $10.5 million in taxpayers money, tried to hide the payment, and then blamed the Harper government – even though the decision to make the payment was fully the responsibility of the Trudeau government.

His plan to “reintegrate” returning ISIS fighters was widely hated by Canadians – with even the public safety minister expressing doubts.

Now, Trudeau’s decision to appoint John Norris to the Federal Court will cause even more questions, as more and more Canadians lose any sense of the trust that once existed in our federal government.

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‘even though the decision to make the payment was fully the responsibility of the Harper government.’
I think you meant the trudo government who made the payment & decided it should have been made, NOT the Harper government. This should be corrected.

Dave Smith

trudeau is a cancer & the disease is spreading now to “trudeau’s Federal Courts”.

Laurie Ferchoff

In the article referring to the Khadr payout, you have written a line that reads –even though the decision to make the payment was solely the responsibility of the Harper government. This appears to be an error.


And now, we have it – SHARIA LAW in Canada!!!!

Kim Jeglum

Trudeau gave Omar Khadr $10.5 million in taxpayers money, tried to hide the payment, and then blamed the Harper government – even though the decision to make the payment was fully the responsibility of the Harper government.

Seems to be an error. Liberal government not Harper government was responsible.


Trudeau knows he is going down next federal election, so he is trying to do as much damage as possible. This action of his will likely be increased as we approach the election.

Raymond of Canada

Obama did the same thing. That’s why Trump has difficulty getting proper footing

Jack Davies



just like Obama did to America during his 2nd term. Premeditated Traitors


Just another step closer to Sharia Law in Canada by our closet moslem PM.

Wendy Lush

We have a gang of zealots running the country. God help us.

Glen Bailey

I only have three words,WTF!!!!!


I think the Law Society should have the right to DISBAR left-leaning lawyers who focus on defending alleged/charged/convicted terrorist elements…


I really hope this new Judge will realize that he is on Canada’s side now not the terrorist one. ( I knew what you meant, But the Liberals did try to blame Harper, see what all their lying and bad press does). Maybe the Conservatives could check this out and let us know what our new Federal Judge is there for, hopefully on Canada’s side. What happened with a judge from the east coast? Maybe they will vote Conservative now.

Chris vrecko

Can this guy be chucked off the bench if trueDum is chucked on his ear?
I am not wanting to look at my tablet in the morning for fear of what else the idiot has done to endanger Canada.

Clive Edwards

Guilt by association? Perhaps there are some people who shouldn’t have legal representation – lets take them straight to the gallows! I discussed free speech issues with Doug Christie, who represented “holocaust deniers”. Doug said that although he didn’t agree with what these people were saying they still deserved the legal protection of the courts, or else free speech is not a right but a privilege. He also pointed out that usually no other lawyer was willing to represent these people and he was indeed pilloried for it. Let’s not continue making the mistake of believing only politically correct mainstream… Read more »

bernard draper

Trudeau has made Canada the ” laughing stock” of the world.
He and his family twirling around in Indian costumes..pushing his way into photo..groups. Worse of all spending millions of OUR tax dollars on trips that do not seem to have gained us a thing!
Having shown how he thinks of terrorist groups…he now evidently has decided not to be involved in moving the Canada embassy to Jerusalem…….YES we know where he is coming from…perhaps we can send him on his last tax payer funded trip to Mecca!!! We don’t need another Feuhrer!!!!


Well hopefully all the cases that pass by this judge will be scrutinized to see if there is a bias there or not.


As much as I despise Trudeau (and Lord knows I do!), he’s clever in putting people into power that will conspire with him in the future should/when he gets into his own legal trouble. This is all a ploy just to protect his own @$$.


Food for thought!
Heh Norris, I’ll make you a judge and then you can be on my side. You won’t say anything about me lying to all the stupid Canadians about the Khadr case costing 35 mill or more if we went ahead with it , right? And that you told me you probably would have lost in court with Khadr, right?
(Cover-up appointment?)


Is anyone willing to even consider that the lawyer who has experience defending “terrorists” may have found it distasteful and now knows the tactics used in their defense so will be, as a sitting judge, better equipped to determine guilt vs innocence because of his back ground? Or are you all as close minded as your comments appear?