WATCH: Trudeau Says Top “Complaint” Of Canadians Is “You’re Not Bringing In Enough Immigrants”

All the polls say otherwise, showing how totally out-of-touch Trudeau is from the Canadian people.

Justin Trudeau said many dumb and dishonest things on his trip to India.

Among those dumb and dishonest things was a comment that is totally at odds with all the facts when it comes to what Canadians think about immigration.

While in Mumbai, Trudeau said that the most common complaint he hears from Canadians is “you’re not bringing in enough immigrants.”

Watch Trudeau’s comments below:

Of course, we know that the polls say the exact opposite.

For example, a 2017 poll by Angus Reid found that 57% of Canadians say Canada “should accept fewer immigrants and refugees.”

Also in 2017, the Association for Canadian Studies found 38% of Canadians said Canada is taking in “too many” immigrants, 41% say we are taking in “about the right number,” while just 10% say Canada is taking in “too few.”

So, Canadians are clearly not complaining that immigration levels aren’t high enough.

Note how Trudeau calls it a “complaint,” yet another way he shows his arrogance.

We know that Canadians are concerned about taxes, the budget deficit, government corruption, healthcare, infrastructure, national security, Trudeau embarrassing us on the world stage, and many other issues far above thinking there are “too few” immigrants.

Once again, Trudeau is lying in order to create the illusion that Canadians support his agenda, when we don’t.

Canadians are not asking for more immigration – something the Trudeau government is ignoring as they push a massive increase bringing levels up to 340,000 per year.

So, Trudeau is not only being dishonest, he is being undemocratic, by purposely pushing an immigration agenda Canadians oppose and then lying through his teeth about it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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