VIDEO: Trudeau Doubles Down On Conspiracy Theory Blaming India For Jaspal Atwal Invite

Another disgraceful performance by Trudeau in Question Period, as he arrogantly dodges questions about the invitation extended to a convicted attempted murderer, and doubles down on conspiracy theories.

Justin Trudeau keeps throwing gas on the dumpster fire that was his India trip.

Finally facing answers in Question Period – after taking a ‘personal’ day yesterday – Trudeau was asked repeatedly about the Jaspal Atwal invite.

Trudeau first tried dodging the questions, launching into another dishonest and condescending lecture about how the public service works, ignoring the fact that he is seeking to corrupt the public service for his own political advantage.

Then, Trudeau actually doubled down on the conspiracy theory blaming India for the Jaspal Atwal invite – even though he later said that he would be speaking to the Liberal MP responsible for the invite.

Of course, the situation can’t be both things. It can’t be a conspiracy by the government of India to embarrass Trudeau, and also have been an invite initiated by a Liberal MP.

Trudeau can’t even get his lies right.

Watch the top exchanges from Question Period below:


Trudeau throws Canada under the bus to try and salvage his own reputation

As we can see from the videos above, Trudeau contradicted himself within minutes. He is clearly willing to throw Canada’s reputation under the bus in order to deflect responsibility for the Atwal invite and protect his own fragile ego.

Spencer Fernando

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