WATCH: Pierre Poilievre Tells Trudeau Liberals “Stop Handing Our Money Off To The Wealthy International Bankers”

Trudeau’s debt-creating policies mean more wealth for international banks, and less economic freedom for Canadians.

The Trudeau government has been great for international banks.

While middle class and working class Canadians get robbed of more and more of our money through taxes, Trudeau has given more power to international banks through the so-called ‘Canada Infrastructure Fund,’ which puts Canadian taxpayers on the hook for billions in potential losses, while directing profits to banks that aren’t even Canadian.

International banks are also happy about the huge budget deficits the Trudeau government has chosen to rack up. Despite being handed a balanced budget, Trudeau chose to run deficits, then chose to even exceed the deficits he originally promised.

That has resulted in tons of money being borrowed from foreign banks, making international bankers wealthier, and reducing the fiscal room in our country.

Now, with interest rates going up, the burden of debt is rising – and along with it the payments to international banks are rising as well.

In Question Period, Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre brought attention to the fact that international bankers love the budget deficits of the Trudeau government, also noting that the top 1% are paying less in taxes, while 80% of middle class families are paying more.

Watch the exchange below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Well, no one ever accused JT of being smart so we’re getting the leadership we deserve as Preston Manning would say. Yes, we need to get rid of this dunderheaded clown-show at the very first opportunity while there’s still something left of Canada.


Thank you Pierre Poilievre for saying that, Conservatives do listen to Canadians, like Mr. Harpers’ question to us: do you want the extra money ( by the end of his unfortunate last term ( he should still be there ) ). used for more public services or to pay down the debt, he started to pay down the debt as that is what the majority wanted. So again I ask – How did this un Canadian spend thrift Liberal party get elected to waste our money, we are all sold out for the embarrassment of this farce Liberal government.


The sycophant, in response to Poilievre, tried to compare current fiscal policy and deficit with ‘failed policy’ of previous government. Outright lie; trying to create soundbites for CBC. The last Conservative government restored the Canadian economy, as they always must, following a Liberal government. Jim Flaherty, his successors and PM Harper left the liberal democrats with a $2-5 billion dollar surplus to begin their government. Where are we now only 2 years into the Liberal mandate? $20 – 29 billion deficit depending on how the Finance dept. chooses to spin it. Liberals are sending our money out of the country… Read more »

Robert Arndt

I remember chretien giving millions to Quebec and Trudeau farther bankrupting this country to those banks. By the way how much investment does his party have in those banks. They fail to disclose there investments. Please send in rcmp to search all banks that lend us money to see if they have liberal or politicians from Canada investors

Brian Stewart

section 91 constitution Parts 14-20 matters related to banking, the printing of money, the organization of new banks, and the setting of interest rates for borrowing Federal government is given powers over printing money and banking. (2) up until 1974 the Bank of Canada was a public bank and the government could borrow with in interest free. Pierre Trudeau privatised it without constitutional authority then started borrowing at interest from private bank. His slimy son continues the practice. Please bring these facts up with Pierre Poilievre…if he is a Freemason, ( most up there are) he will ignore. However if… Read more »


We need a Social Credit economy.