WATCH: Scheer Rips Trudeau’s 2018 Budget For Massive Deficits & Failure To Address Competitiveness

“What he gives with one hand, he takes more with the other,” says Scheer of Trudeau’s federal budget.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer ripped into the Trudeau government’s 2018 budget, criticizing Trudeau for his massive budget deficits, breaking his promise to help the middle class, and failure to address Canada’s weakening competitive position.

Scheer pointed out that Trudeau promised three ‘small’ deficits of less than $10 billion per year, while the upcoming budget deficit is $18 billion.

Trudeau also launched a tax attack on small businesses in the budget, with Scheer saying “we know that Justin Trudeau is raising taxes on local businesses, that have been under constant attack by this Prime Minister since last summer.”

Watch Scheer’s remarks below:

Scheer also pointed out something very important, that the budget has no contingency for the end of NAFTA, and doesn’t respond to the massive tax cuts in the US.

As a result, Trudeau’s 2018 budget leaves Canada even more economically vulnerable and weak.

Trudeau will try to spin his budget in many different ways, but nothing can change the fact that his 2018 budget is once again full of deception and debt.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

I’m sure there lots of “working” holidays hidden in the budget.


I guess we got what we deserve. we should have made sure we had laws in place to protect Canada and our people. Something like this party should not exist.


Nancy, this comment is correct…now what? How do we get out of this MESS???

Roger Shelswell

More small business will be pushed out of Canada.We all know that small business is the backbone of the country.Trudeau and his band of thieves is determined to break our backs.


I keep asking ‘peoplekind’ why there is so much concern about trudo now since the election, it seems that many were quiet before & even supported him but now complain about him & what he is doing. I must again thank the lot iq eastern idiots who were hoodwinked by the left propaganda media parties.

Dave French


Mike F

Typical paradoxical attacks by the minions of the New World Order…say one thing, then do the opposite. They have destroyed many countries. Unfortunate that many people do not see the influences of communism being forced on us. Communist countries have no ‘middle class’.