BROKEN BLOC: 70% Of Bloc Quebecois MPs Quit After Leader Refuses To Step Down

MPs had demanded party leader Martine Ouellet step down. When she refused, they quit to sit as independents.

In a flash, the Bloc Quebecois lost 70% of their MPs.

7 out of 10 BQ members in the House of Commons have quit to sit as independents.

The move came after a party caucus meeting in Ottawa.

The seven MPs are Louis Plamondon, Gabriel Ste-Marie, Rheal Fortin, Luc Theriault, Simon Marcil, Monique Pauze, and Michel Boudrias.

According to the CP, Plamondon said the issue came down to their leader Martine Ouellet:

He said he is “leaving the leader” but “is not leaving the Bloc Quebecois.”

Luc Theriault said “We were faced with two options: either Madame Ouellet stepped down, or we walked.”

Former BQ Leader Gilles Duceppe criticized Ouellet, saying “she can’t stay.”

“Duceppe said Ouellet’s style was never appreciated, be it within the Bloc, the PQ or the Quebec Natural Resources Department she headed between 2012 and 2014. “Everywhere where she went it was like that,” said Duceppe, adding he never worked with her directly. “I haven’t seen, among people I talk to, and I speak to people on the left and the right, I haven’t seen anyone particularly happy with her leadership style.”‘

Ouellet says she plans to stay on, despite over half her party caucus quitting.

The Bloc – already struggling amid weakening separatist sentiment in Quebec – will now lose even more relevance.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube