Canada Needs A Massive Investigation Into Extremist Influence Over The Federal Government

The Jaspal Atwal debacle points to the desperate need to investigate and eradicate any extremist influence over the Canadian Federal Government.

Former Liberal cabinet Minister Ujjal Dosanjh – who Jaspal Atwal was accused (though not convicted) of attempting to kill – has raised a serious warning about the influence of Khalistani extremists over the Canadian government

Here’s what Dosanjh said in a radio interview:

“Do you have no shame?” is the question you put to the prime minister.

Oh, absolutely. Do we have no shame? I mean, do we have no shame that we are taking, as part of our delegations, our receptions, the man who tried to kill an Indian cabinet minister? That’s what I meant.

And I said that the Khalistani sympathies … have seeped deep into the veins of our political system, and I maintain that.

Part of the reason the government of India and the Indians are mad is that Canadian politicians have never stopped — never ever stopped — going to these parades where these violent murderers like [Air India bombing mastermind] Talwinder Parmar are glorified as heroes.”

Dosanjh’s concerns must be taken seriously.

We are seeing what is, in many ways, a failure of integration. While many people of all backgrounds integrate very well into the Canadian family, there are some who keep fighting old battles and use Canada as a base to settle-scores overseas – or to attack innocent Canadian citizens.

That’s what has happened with Khalistani extremists.

Yet, instead of demanding strong Canadian unity – meaning people give up their old battles and work for the good of Canadians – many politicians – especially Justin Trudeau – pander to those who want to tear other countries apart and have no true loyalty to Canada.

Our nation must not accept the idea of Canadians of convenience using our nation plot against other countries. There needs to be loyalty to our country, not to some extremist group.

That’s why there must be a massive non-partisan investigation into the influence of all forms of extremism over the Canadian government, and any extremism that is found must be rooted out. This may require new laws governing the activities of government members, and it will take leadership for MPs to end political pandering and instead truly serve Canadians.

MPs would only support such an investigation under intense pressure, and that means the Canadian people need to demand it. Contact your MP at the link below and let them know you demand action to investigate and root out extremist influence over the Canadian federal government.

After all, if our government is being influenced by foreign extremist groups, it’s not really the ‘Canadian’ federal government anymore.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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