COMRADE JUSTIN: Trudeau Wrecks Our Relationship With Democratic India, While Ignoring Rise Of Dictatorship In Communist China

How far has Canada’s ‘leadership’ fallen when we’re distancing ourselves from a democratic ally, at the same time as the rise of a ruthless dictatorship in Communist China is being ignored?

As many have pointed out, Canada having a strong relationship with India should be a no-brainer.

We share similar values of democracy, and India’s potential growth into a superpower is a positive thing for the world – and something Canada can benefit from.

At the same time, the values of democracy and freedom are under threat from Communist China, which is becoming increasingly authoritarian and heading towards a decades-long dictatorship in the hands of Xi Jinping.

The Communists have decided to remove term limits for their (un-elected) President and Vice-President, paving the way for Xi – who has already cracked down on the media, purged “western influence” from the universities, and openly rejected the idea of democracy – to rule for as long as he wants.

In the wake of that decision, the Chinese government has been cracking down on the ability of people in China to write online about terms such as “emperor,” and “emigrate,” a clear sign that there is internal resistance to Xi’s effort to seek full dictatorial power.

Around the world, there is growing concern about Xi’s power grab, and about his clear intention to replace the influence of democratic nations with the power of China’s Communist Party, taking control of the global economy, trade routes, and pushing other nations into submission.

This would go against everything Canada stands for, and would make the world a much more dangerous place for all of us who believe in freedom and democracy.

India provides an important potential counterweight to China, with more positive demographic trends (younger workforce), the strongest economic growth in the world, and the potential to show that democracy offers a better path forward for nations as they develop – an essential rejection of China’s attempt to push their authoritarian model.

Any Canadian leader who even half-believed in the values of our nation would be doing everything possible to strengthen our ties with India, while also expressing our opposition to China’s slide further towards dictatorship.

Instead, Trudeau is doing the opposite.

He has continuously sold us out to China, while simultaneously destroying our relationship with India through is connection to Khalistani extremists and his pathetic conspiracy theory blaming India for the Jaspal Atwal invite.

He’s willing to destroy our relationship with India, all while sucking up to China.

This shows beyond doubt that Justin Trudeau wasn’t joking when he said China’s ‘basic dictatorship’ was the government he most admired.

While many Canadians don’t want to believe it, the fact that Trudeau is pushing Canada closer to China while pushing India away – combined with his comments on other Communist regimes like Castro’s Cuba – makes it clear that he is a fan of authoritarian Communism – either because he wants that power for himself, or because he believes the rhetoric the Communists spread in an effort to cover up the massive death toll their ideology causes.

The facts are clear: Canada is under the ‘leadership’ of a ‘useful idiot’ to the cause of China’s Communist Party.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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