POLL: Doug Ford Leads Ontario PC Leadership Race

Christine Elliott is a close second, Caroline Mulroney is way back in third, and Tanya Granic-Allen is in fourth.

A new Mainstreet Research Poll shows the Ontario PC leadership race is coming down to Doug Ford and Christine Elliott.

Here are the key numbers from the poll that surveyed 17399 PC Party members:

FORD – 36.7%

ELLIOTT – 32.7%



Mainstreet Research ran their poll results through 1000 simulations, which led to Ford winning 52.2% of the time, and Elliott winning 47.8% of the time.

The poll is good news for both Ford and Elliott, who can use it to show that they both have a path to victory in the race.

By contrast, the poll could further dampen the momentum of Caroline Mulroney’s campaign, already struggling to explain why two former Conservative MPs switched their endorsement from her to Elliott.

Mulroney appears to be struggling in the race, with her support closer to Granic-Allen than it is to the two front runners according to this poll.

As reported earlier, it seems the $700K Mulroney has raised isn’t doing much to gain grassroots support.

Ontario PC voters may be poised to block the creation of another political dynasty and instead hand the reigns to either Ford Nation or Christine Elliott.

Read the full poll here

Spencer Fernando

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Don’t need a red ‘conservative’ like muloony in there.

don morris

Good. Ford is the best candidate,but I fear for his electability once the media goes on the attack against him.They destroyed his brother and they will do their level best to do it to him.
Second best would be Elliot,and Mulroney,not at all. Another political dynasty candidate we do NOT need in Canada or any Province.

Good luck Doug,hope you can win it all,it’s about time Ontario had a fiscal conservative in the Legislature after years of Liberal corruption and waste.


Doug doesn’t have the skeletons that Rob had. The best the press can come up with is selling hash in the 80’s from anonymous sources. Even if True aren’t the liberals about to legalize POT.. So how can the condemn something they are about to do?

Bonnie Turner

Doris I think you are right. I support both Doug and Christine from the beginning but I think Ford and his buddy McV and their followers have brought the bar low by accusing Elliot of being a Loser/Quitter/Liberal for accepting a Government “plush job”. The press and the lefties will hammer him and pick up on the sexist regards being made by Ford followers.


Two words = DOUG FORD !!!


This is excellent news for Ontario, we are in worse shape than the rest of the country, the Liberal party is so corrupt it makes you wince here, but again all we are reading mostly is all the bad Conservative news about Brown, I really think we need independent news sources away from the corrupt one sided news, especially when they talk about all the great things Wynne is doing, wince, wince. So finally good news, I will have to look some more today and see if it has reached the slant news here.


Doug Ford is Canada’s President Trump; listened to him last night on a Live Podcast; he was brilliant….down to earth…answered difficult questions with Diplomacy; He knows exactly the trouble Canada is in under the Liberals; He will fix it to the extent he can; we need to vote Him to the finish line!!!


Hang in there Doug. I can’t vote for you, but I sure as hell can root for ya.

Roger Shelswell

This is GREAT and the way it should be.Doug Ford is the man for the job without a doubt.


Elliott definitely has the experience to lead the party forward but then so does Ford. It really comes down to comfort level. Elliott comes off as a typical politician, polished, telling us what we want to hear yet I worry that she will be like Brown and flip flop on campaign promises once in office. Ford on the other hand is so popular because he speaks like a common man/woman. Nothing pretentious or elitist about him. Probably the same reason Trump won. He doesn’t talk like a “politician”. Lord knows we’ve got enough double speaking politicos in this country. Say… Read more »

Shellie C Correia

Christine Elliott is a career politician who will go where her bread is buttered. Do NOT vote for anyone but Doug Ford. Elliot was recently working for Kathleen Wynne, for enormous amounts of money. Anyone that works with Wynne, is NOT to be trusted! DOUG FORD FOR LEADER!


She is a bold face liar as well.

MUST WATCH – From her own mouth !!


Cheering for Doug all the way from Calgary. Lord knows we need something positive done in this country. I am a senior over 70 and never in all my time have I ever been worried of the direction our country, province and city are going. They are all really unexceptionable and sincerely hope a new fresh approach will dig us out so we can be positive!
There, my rant!
Go Doug!

Miles Lunn

I think Doug Ford is p0pular amongst the base but the party must broaden its appeal beyond that to win. Considering how unpopular Trump is in Canada being like him is more a liability than asset in terms of winning the next election. Ontario if it were a state would be a solid blue one like California not swingy like the Midwest ones where Trump gained. So you need someone more moderate to win much like Arnold Schwarznegger in California, Charlie Baker in Massachusetts, and Larry Hogan in Maryland who are all moderate Republicans that won as governor in deep… Read more »

L. Faryon

Best Wishes Doug Ford….. from Saskatchewan.
L. Faryon


Perhaps Mulroney is carrying to much baggage from the days of her Dad….I cannot help but wonder why she was studying in the United States did her father send or give her envelopes with money to help pay for her schooling or was it money wire transfers?


MUST WATCH – From her own mouth !!