POLL: Doug Ford Leads Ontario PC Leadership Race

Christine Elliott is a close second, Caroline Mulroney is way back in third, and Tanya Granic-Allen is in fourth.

A new Mainstreet Research Poll shows the Ontario PC leadership race is coming down to Doug Ford and Christine Elliott.

Here are the key numbers from the poll that surveyed 17399 PC Party members:

FORD – 36.7%

ELLIOTT – 32.7%



Mainstreet Research ran their poll results through 1000 simulations, which led to Ford winning 52.2% of the time, and Elliott winning 47.8% of the time.

The poll is good news for both Ford and Elliott, who can use it to show that they both have a path to victory in the race.

By contrast, the poll could further dampen the momentum of Caroline Mulroney’s campaign, already struggling to explain why two former Conservative MPs switched their endorsement from her to Elliott.

Mulroney appears to be struggling in the race, with her support closer to Granic-Allen than it is to the two front runners according to this poll.

As reported earlier, it seems the $700K Mulroney has raised isn’t doing much to gain grassroots support.

Ontario PC voters may be poised to block the creation of another political dynasty and instead hand the reigns to either Ford Nation or Christine Elliott.

Read the full poll here

Spencer Fernando

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