READ: India Issues Official Statement Rejecting Trudeau Conspiracy Theory Blaming Them For Jaspal Atwal Invite

Trudeau has offered up totally contradictory explanations for Atwal’s invite, simultaneously supporting a conspiracy theory blaming India while saying a Liberal MP is responsible.

India has officially rejected the unproven conspiracy theory being pushed by Justin Trudeau attempting to blame them for Jaspal Atwal being invited to dinner with the PM while he was in India.

Here’s the statement from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs:

In response to a query regarding invitation to Jaspal Atwal, the Official Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said:

“We have seen the recent exchange in the Parliament of Canada regarding two invitations issued to Jaspal Atwal by the Canadian High Commissioner, for functions hosted in honour of the Canadian Prime Minister in India.

Let me categorically state that the Government of India, including the security agencies, had nothing to do with the presence of Jaspal Atwal at the event hosted by the Canadian High Commissioner in Mumbai or the invitation issued to him for the Canadian High Commissioner’s reception in New Delhi. Any suggestion to the contrary is baseless and unacceptable.”

Trudeau destroying Canada’s relationship with India

India is the world’s largest democratic nation, will soon have the world’s largest population, and has the fastest growing economy on earth.

So, a good relationship with India is very important for Canada.

Trudeau is destroying that relationship.

He is throwing Canada’s relationship with India under the bus in an effort to protect his fragile ego, and avoid admitting that his government has disturbing ties to Atwal.

Trudeau has failed miserably in his attempt to avoid responsibility, offering up contradictory explanations within the space of just a few minutes.

He said he would speak with the MP responsible – who already issued an apology – and then backed up the anonymous government official who put forth the conspiracy theory blaming India.

Of course, it can’t be both, and Trudeau’s dishonesty and arrogance is taking a massive toll on Canada’s place in the world.

It’s another disgraceful example of Trudeau putting his own selfish political interests ahead of the interests of the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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A.A. Burley

You don’t expect trudeau to admit the mess, or to apologize to India. This is exactly what is wrong with the trudeau government. He should except the blame and apologize. It is his government, he hand-picked his government, so an apology to the Indian people would help. But his ego will not let him do that, he thinks to apologize is to be weak when it is his fault, but trudeau can cry, apologize and criticize Canadian Identity, or any of the other issues that were not his fault, yet when it is his fault, not a tear. trudeau with… Read more »

Reijo Silvennoinen

Well said!

A.A. Burley

Accept not except .Damn Spell check fixes some things but leaves blunders like that


The Government of India made this statement but Canadians had already figured out that Castro Jr. Trudeau had lied. He must think all Canadians are as low in brain power as Himself.


Many are, they still support the libs

Bev McMullan

Trudope is a typical Liberal because he blames everyone else for his mistakes instead of himself.