REPORT: Caroline Mulroney Is Raising Tons Of Money, But Votes May Be Elusive

With insiders saying she is losing, two former Conservative MPs revoked their endorsements of Mulroney and switched to Christine Elliott.

Caroline Mulroney appears to have a lot of support from the elites, but it seems that isn’t translating into grassroots support.

As noted by the Toronto Star, Mulroney has raised $700K, a massive number for such a short time period.

The high number is impressive, though not a big surprise considering the contacts her father has, particularly among Bay Street and elites in the legal community.

However, that financial support from the elites doesn’t appear to be translating into grassroots support.

A recent report includes evidence that Mulroney’s campaign is going in the wrong direction, despite all the money:

“Privately, two backroomers in Mulroney’s camp admitted to CBC News in separate conversations that she is not in the lead. Mulroney’s momentum was hampered last week when two PC candidates who had publicly endorsed her abandoned her and swung their support to Elliott. They are both former Conservative MPs: Paul Calandra, now running for the PCs in Markham-Stouffville, and Parm Gill, running in Milton.”

The report also points out how rare it is to see endorsements shift in such a short race, not a good sign for Mulroney as voting approaches. 

Many have also noted that Mulroney has spent most of her time attacking the other candidates, which is rarely a tactic used in party leadership races – except by candidates desperate to catch up to the leaders.

If Mulroney’s big money doesn’t translate into votes, it will show the limits of elite financial support, and the enduring power of grassroots party members.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube