WATCH: As Scheer Demands Answers For Trudeau’s Conspiracy Theory Blaming Jaspal Atwal Invite On India, Justin Pathetically Hides Behind The Public Service

Trudeau ludicrously accused the Conservatives of attacking the public service, even though the questions were about why Trudeau blamed India for an invite of a convicted attempted murderer – an invite that a member of the Trudeau government already admitted to making.

Watch the faces and the applause.

You can see it on the faces and in the lack of applause by Liberal members that they don’t believe the BS being spewed by Trudeau, as he tries blaming everybody except himself for the Jaspal Atwal disaster.

Trudeau has already totally contradicted himself – blaming both a Liberal MP and a conspiracy by the Indian government.

India fired back, firmly rejecting Trudeau’s unhinged conspiracy theory and calling the allegation “baseless.”

Then, when Andrew Scheer – putting in a strong QP performance – demanded answers, Trudeau took his pathetic dishonesty to a new level.

He started referring to the “Harper Conservatives,” accusing them of attacking the public service by asking Trudeau questions about the invite.

Of course, we know that Trudeau is the one attacking the public service, as it seems the PMO used a member of the public service (anonymously) to spread the India conspiracy.

It was a pathetic move by Trudeau, and it takes his dishonesty to a new level. He is accusing the opposition of exactly what he is doing, posing as a defender of the public service even as he manipulates it for his own ends.

Watch the Scheer vs Trudeau exchange below:

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

The look on Marc Garneau’s face is priceless. You just know that he’s thinking “What an a**hole”.

tTommy Hawk

Proving, once again, that old saying: “You can slide farther on B.S. than gravel and it is not hear as hard on your boots.” Or, another instance of watching that age-old Liberal dance called: “The Soft Shoe Shuffle,” wherein if one dances around a question long enough the opposition simply cannot keep asking — most of the time it works.

The ‘leader’ of our country is not only a joke in the way he presents himself, but also an embarrassment because of his penchant to self-glorification.

Time to end the charade.

Don Taylor

Poor Little Justy Turdeau the little boy that never grew up