SELLING OUT CANADIANS: Hidden In Budget, Trudeau Liberals To Give Foreign Countries – Including China – Access To Confidential Tax Info Of Canadian Citizens

The government purposely snuck this measure deep into the budget to avoid having to answer for it.

A new report reveals that the Trudeau government included policy changes that will allow 35 foreign countries/institutions to get access to the confidential tax info of Canadians.

According to the report by Elizabeth Thompson, “Confidential information from Canadian taxpayers could soon be shared with police and authorities in three dozen countries around the world, under measures included in Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s latest budget. In an inconspicuous section tucked into a small 78-page annex to the budget, the government says it wants to give police and tax authorities new powers to fight tax evasion and advance international investigations into serious crimes, ranging from drug trafficking and money laundering to terrorism.”

Disturbingly, among those countries are both China and Russia, meaning the government can now chose to give authorities in those nations access to tax info of Canadian citizens. That’s important to point out, since the definition of a crime in an authoritarian country like China may be very different than here in Canada, and China could seek to persecute people in Canada originally from China.

To say this is a betrayal of Canadians would be an understatement. It is another disturbing example of the Trudeau government pursuing a globalist agenda that devalues citizenship and gives more power to foreign countries at the expense of our citizens.

And before people say this is about tax evasion, it’s essential to note that the government already has the ability to share tax info specifically related to tax evasion investigations. This is very different. This is new info they are giving foreign countries access to.

The report notes the concerns of Michael Bryant – the leader of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

“If you can get something buried in the budget that nobody knows about, sometimes you can get something past without getting the kind of heat it deserves. The big concern is that Canada would be unwittingly participating in a star chamber investigation and prosecution of somebody in another jurisdiction, or that Canadians would in essence be thrown under the bus and information would be shared with other jurisdictions that don’t have our due process and constitutional protections,” said Bryant, who was also the former Attorney General of Ontario.

Here’s the current law:

“Currently, the Canada Revenue Agency can share confidential tax information about Canadians with authorities in other countries that are investigating serious cases, such as tax evasion. However, under Canadian law, the CRA cannot share that information with officials in another country investigating a crime other than tax evasion.”

Now, that will change.

In addition to expand the amount of info foreign countries can get, the Trudeau government also plans to give those 35 foreign countries we have info sharing agreements with the ability to access bank records of Canadians when approved by the Federal Attorney General, a disturbing notion given how the Trudeau government has repeatedly bowed down to China’s wishes and can’t be trusted to stand up for Canadians.

We can see that this is a huge violation of our Canadian sovereignty, and needs to be strongly opposed by the opposition.

Once again, we are being sold out by the Trudeau government, as they continue to impose their dangerous globalist agenda every chance they get.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Justin castro

Who is’nt surprised at this ??? But Great Job .. Spencer ..We Could use alot more reporting like yours .. for Survival


The MSM are muffled on these important issues! Trudeau is becoming more dangerous as his psychiatric issues escalate.

pamela kingwell

We are not going to let you do anymore damage, TRUDY!


A while back, I said that dictator Justin will do anything to rid himself responsibility of our nation and Canadians. By that I mean: send or sell or hand over his responsibility to other nations to run for him and whatever ‘they’ say or want from him to do like in this ‘our taxes’ Justin will follow through on it. When problem arises, that needs answers from the gov, the gov would blame others (Harper as usually) or they are on/dealing the matter and so forth (same dribble answer over and over) KNOWING full well they can’t say or do… Read more »


OK Canada, this has got to be the last straw, TRUDEAU HAS TO GO!!! WE HAVE A CANADA WIDE RALLY HAPPENING ON APRIL 02/18. We will gather at every city hall across Canada at NOON, we want to take our Canada back, dissolve the current tyrannical gov’t and demand a new election. Watch CCN Cross Canada News for daily updates or go to to register, you do not have to use your real name, you can use your screen name and your phone number is NOT required. IT’S TIME TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK AND SAVE IT FROM THE… Read more »

Clive Edwards

This has to be about globalism and not about taxation. After all, it isn’t illegal to keep your money in the Bahamas and not report it to RevCan, right? If it were illegal to do that, every prime minister and finance minister back at least as far as and including Jean Chretien has been doing that. As a matter of fact, when I make my first billion I intend to find which bank, lawyers and accountants these people use and join them. Oh, I forgot. RevCan makes sure no one can legally accumulate enough money to join that club.


If Chinese or other nationals are hiding tax information from their original countries governments why should we care if those governments can cross match databases? I actually agree with Economist Martin Armstrong who argues that income tax (direct taxation opposed by the founding father’s of the USA) should be abolished and we only pay point of sale taxes and import duties, he points out that the United States paid off it’s debt with no income tax in the 1800’s which proves you don’t need an income tax, at this point western governments are taking close to half of everyone’s income… Read more »

Jill Ward

Russ, from what I have been told, trudeau is sharing our ( WE ACTUAL CANADIANS) income info with other countries as well.
I would like to think the person who gave me that info is wrong but he is more up to date on this than I am.

Larry Hein

Sold down the river, by this communist government who will not pursue or prosecute their corporate friends.. IS THIS WHERE THE SPENT THE 1B$ to ensure CRA collection of taxes due???


I love it! Everything he does is proving his nwo agenda of a one world government. This is all thanks to the ‘peoplekind’ who were hoodwinked by his left wing media parties and thought he was some kind of savior.


Adolph Hitler wanted to rule the world too. Funny coincidence that George Soros worked for Hitler (supposedly to preseve his own ass) but now uses puppets like Trudeau and Obama to push his NWO / Open society agenda that espouses one government rule. Turdo does so shamelessly with blatant lies to win votes from the uninformed and misinformed voters.

Gerald Porter

This legislation might be related to Britain’s “Unexplained Wealth Orders”:

If Canada permits Britain to rummage through our tax files, the UK will reciprocate, i.e. Governments cooperating to uncover ‘illicit’ funds.


The criminal, Justin Trudeau, is not smart enough to do this on his own. Who, specifically, is orchestrating this destruction of Canada’s sovereignty? Is it Gerald Butts or some Soros or Chinese operative/spy? Who are the enemies in this attack? How can Canadians fight back? The war will be over before the next election. Are there no checks or balances in the Canadian system of governance to prevent a tyrant from succeeding?

Jill Ward

Bruce, you are correct and I do believe gerry butts is as big a psychopathic, lying, thieving, traitor as little justin and don’t forget he has not one but two (that we know of) terrorist groups within his own government. My suggestion is a tax revolt across canada, no working, no shopping ,no paying any taxes until he and his terrorists are brought down! Also take all your money out of the banks and hide it because he is fast running out of money (has spent all of Canada’s money, sold off our gold and foreign money , is borrowing… Read more »


How is this being allowed to happen? I thought our Government was to serve and protect us, not serve every foreign country before us. Can this not be stopped? Why can’t the opposition take this government to task and protect us from this dangerous fool? There has to be some power, somehow, that can save us from him.


It can be stopped, but a lot of people would have to vote Libertarian. See party leader Tim Moen’s comments on the budget (youtube).

Wendy Lush

We need a revolution in this country, big-time. And soon.

Wake up, Canada.

Bob Fry

I will keep it very simple, this is the new age of what happened in Germany in the 1930, There is no need for all Canadians tax records to be accessible to 35 Foreign countries, including a Communism country of China. My tax information can be read by someone in China, what the hell is Justin Trudeau doing. Arrest George Soros and put him on a five year trial along with his son. This UN 2030 Agenda for One World Government has been accelerated, as the general public is starting to become aware of it and are asking questions. Canadians… Read more »


So f*cking sick of this POS traitor selling out our country. He will be voted out just as quick as he got in.

Wendy Lush

Unfortunately – and unbelievably – Trudeau is leading in the polls.

Are Canadians that thick and brain-dead to vote for this character after all the scandals and disastrous policies? Answer: yes.

Norbert Kausen

No, Wendy, he is not. The latest polls have him at about 33% to the Conservatives 38% and he is dopping fast:

Chrsitopher Laing

Since China most likely owns a huge portion of our debt and we are considered to be chattel for these debts through our illegal Maritime Law created birth certificates and the fractional reserve banking system, then it stands to reason that China is simply demanding what’s rightfully theirs to know.
This is not a Liberal or Conservative issue, it is the result of the Jesuit contrived, fractional reserve monetary system designed to destroy the Constitution of Canada and usher in the New World Order.
Trudeau is simply the next puppet in line to make this a reality.

Marilyn PERRY

The Intelligence depth. In the USA are being charged with the very act Trudeau is doing. EXPOSURE OR LEAKING OF CONFIDENTIAL RECORDS OF THE CITIZENS OF CANADA. WHERE ARE THE OPPOSING PARTIES?

Mel Moore

The Liberals want to fight tax evasion? Hello, kettle? This is the pot calling. I want to look into Bill Morneau, Justin Trudeau and any other asswipe that hides, sorry, forgets that they had money in foreign accounts or 20 million dollar estates.

Mickey Oberman

” SELLING OUT CANADIANS: Hidden In Budget, Trudeau Liberals To Give Foreign Countries – Including China – Access To Confidential Tax Info Of Canadian Citizens ”

That is Trudeau’s interpretation of TRANSPARENCY.

Mickey Oberman

It is a peculiarity of Islam that any word means only what one wants it to say.
Very clever. That’s why they don’t need dictionaries. Ingenious.

Bob Fry

I am truly convinced that Justin Trudeau is following a George Soros Agenda to dismantle Western Civilizations. No longer to me is it a conspiracy theory it is actually happening with all the spending abroad in Muslim countries and little concern for Anglo Canadians, as he has publicly stated. Turning over Canadians confidential information of all it’s citizens to 35 Foreign Governments is beyond any rational for catching tax dodgers. This is the final disasters decision making for Mr. Trudeau, but there will be more over the next 2 years. How low on the IQ test scale does it get.… Read more »