SHADY: Trudeau Liberals Refuse To Let National Security Adviser Testify About Jaspal Atwal Scandal

They can’t back up their discredited conspiracy theory, and they’re doing everything they can to stop Canadians from seeing the true depths of their dishonesty.

The Trudeau government refused to let National Security Adviser Daniel Jean testify about the conspiracy theory blaming India for the Jaspal Atwal invite.

The Conservatives had been seeking to have Jean testify – an important move to get answers for Canadians.

Ralph Goodale was also at the meeting, and said he couldn’t talk about it because it was classified – a total deception since the conspiracy theory was already leaked to the media.

As noted by the CP, the Liberals are trying to push the Conservatives to make a new motion behind closed doors in a committee where members must swear to life-long secrecy about what they hear in the meeting.

That would be the perfect venue to serve up a total BS story, since the Conservatives would be forced – under severe legal penalties – to say they can’t talk about – which the Liberals would use to try and give credence to their lies.

Of course, it’s a huge contradiction, since elected Canadian MPs are being denied info that the government already leaked to the media.

If the Trudeau government was telling the truth, and if they had nothing to hide, they would have let Jean testify.

The fact that they didn’t shows they are trying to impose a massive lie on the Canadian people, and it adds to the huge list of reasons why the Trudeau government cannot be trusted to work in the interests of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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