VIDEO: Ralph Goodale Gets Absolutely Shredded By Reporters As Trudeau’s Atwal Invite Conspiracy Theory Falls Apart

It was a total disaster for Goodale and the Trudeau government. And at the end, the MP responsible for the Jaspal Atwal invite walked right into the scrum.

Ralph Goodale was sent out to try and cover for Justin Trudeau’s India conspiracy theory.

It didn’t go well.

In a media scrum, Goodale was asked about Trudeau’s conspiracy theory blaming India for the invite of Jaspal Atwal.

Unbelievably, he tried saying it was classified.

Unfortunately for Goodale, many members of the media scrum were briefed by a member of the government – who was almost certainly sent by the Trudeau PMO to salvage Justin’s ego – about the very same info Goodale tried claiming was “classified.”

The media had heard the accusations, and one even clearly stated the briefing was set up by Trudeau’s office – something the government has refused to admit.

So, they knew that the info wasn’t “classified,” since it had already been shared with the media.

Realizing that things were falling apart, Goodale started to escape the interview and tried fleeing the cameras, but the media followed him and kept demanding answers.

He stumbled, mumbled, and clearly had no idea how to defend the indefensible.

Then, just as he escaped, Liberal MP Randeep Sarai – the one who took responsibility for the Jaspal Atwal invite – walked right into the group of reporters.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Sarai said he is not a part of any “rogue elements” in the Indian government trying to embarrass Trudeau, and since he’s taken responsibility for the invite, it simply confirms that Trudeau’s conspiracy theory is a pile of garbage.

Watch the spectacle below:

If Canada’s reputation and national security wasn’t in the hands of these fools, this would all be hilarious.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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