VIDEO: Ralph Goodale Gets Absolutely Shredded By Reporters As Trudeau’s Atwal Invite Conspiracy Theory Falls Apart

It was a total disaster for Goodale and the Trudeau government. And at the end, the MP responsible for the Jaspal Atwal invite walked right into the scrum.

Ralph Goodale was sent out to try and cover for Justin Trudeau’s India conspiracy theory.

It didn’t go well.

In a media scrum, Goodale was asked about Trudeau’s conspiracy theory blaming India for the invite of Jaspal Atwal.

Unbelievably, he tried saying it was classified.

Unfortunately for Goodale, many members of the media scrum were briefed by a member of the government – who was almost certainly sent by the Trudeau PMO to salvage Justin’s ego – about the very same info Goodale tried claiming was “classified.”

The media had heard the accusations, and one even clearly stated the briefing was set up by Trudeau’s office – something the government has refused to admit.

So, they knew that the info wasn’t “classified,” since it had already been shared with the media.

Realizing that things were falling apart, Goodale started to escape the interview and tried fleeing the cameras, but the media followed him and kept demanding answers.

He stumbled, mumbled, and clearly had no idea how to defend the indefensible.

Then, just as he escaped, Liberal MP Randeep Sarai – the one who took responsibility for the Jaspal Atwal invite – walked right into the group of reporters.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Sarai said he is not a part of any “rogue elements” in the Indian government trying to embarrass Trudeau, and since he’s taken responsibility for the invite, it simply confirms that Trudeau’s conspiracy theory is a pile of garbage.

Watch the spectacle below:

If Canada’s reputation and national security wasn’t in the hands of these fools, this would all be hilarious.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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How long will it take for the liberal party members to become disgusted with Trudeau? They trusted his glamour and fancy surname would make them all look good, never dreaming he’d set one dumpster fire after another and throw them into it.


I think we would be hard pressed to find even ONE Liberal MP with decent morals in 2018. They truly are all of the same ilk and spawn. I truly doubt anyone can name one possibility that could and should be approached.

Moe Somers

I can’t decide which of the two needs a bigger pitchfork for all the B.S. accumulating around them.
Big daddy Ralph? or Little potato Justin?


i need hip waders everytime i hear a liberal speak…

Dave Smith

Non-confidence vote or referendum please. Again these lying liberal rats & cancer prove they are not fit to lead.

Norbert Kausen

Unfortunately, Dave that only works in minority governments. It is extremely unlikey for liberal MPs to oppose their Crime Minister, afterall, he IS their meal ticket! However, as a people, we Canadians should march in protest, DEMANDING recall!!! There are protest marches taking place across Canada, at City Halls, protesting Trudeau and demanding his resignation, beginning the 2nd of April. These marches MUST become persistent!

bob bobart

Jan 29th is Canada’s anti Trudeau day. Anyone notice they added Trudeau to the spell check? Trudeau is not a word, it is a form of cancer.


Sad to see Ralph Goodale also caught up and has to be deep into his heart knowing what the truth is but has he lost his soul?


Great to see this hangar-on, Goodale, squirm in the media scrum. Lies, fraud, embezzlement and potential treason in Trudeau government. Is early intervention not possible in Canada? Must we stand by and be decimated by this foreign attack which is aided by a treasonous Liberal leader and team? Another year of JT will be devastating !!

Roy Elsworth

I’m so Glad the media soing it’s job here and calling out Ralph Goodale


‘CLASSIFIED’ the safe word for the liberals to use not say anything even though the world knows what went on.
NOTHING IS CLASSIFIED when Dictator Justin, publicly accuses India of the mess.

Tommy Hawk

As usual, Ralph tends to get caught trying to respond to even the simplest of answers — that reality became abundantly clear to me many years ago when I debated with him at the time. The reality was that all he could do was refer to and/or repeat the ‘party line,’ but could not give a definitive response that was not within that framework.

I do not think that he has improved his style since then and there is, in my view, little chance of that ever happening.

Tommy Hawk

Typically (and I can speak from personal experience of debating with Ralph) he is, as always, simply hanging on to the ‘party line’ and will not, because he cannot, give an understandable response to virtually any question that does not relate to the party line.

His is not evasive, he just does not have the capability of handling himself on his feet without guidance and support.

In fact, he may well be the worst person in the House on the Hill to fulfill the job of Minister of Public Safety.

Norbert Kausen

Tommy Hawk, THAT is EXACTLY what I see… I did a career in Military Intelligence and I CRINGE, hearing his incessant, unintelligent braying! Actually I get rightfully STEAMED!!!


Very persistent journalists! Great for them! What a joke and a bad one, to say it is classified! The most UN-TRANSPARENT federal government we ever had in Canada.


Never a straight answer…. sadly


This Liberal Government just CANNOT continue to exist. Canadians have been pleading and asking the Opposition Party and the Majority of Canadians to Protest in Large Numbers and Petition in Large Numbers across Canada, from sea, to sea, to sea, to get rid of this Lying, Treasonous Traitorous Thief and his Band of Monkeys once and for all! Another two years of this Cancer will Destroy this Once GREAT Country! People, Wake Up!

bob bobart

The NDP has a globalist leader that sides with Trudumb. Our government is just globalist scum and nothing more. Stop paying taxes, period.

Norbert Kausen

HAHAHA…. “Wreck-it Ralph”… such an APT name for a totally inept liberal miscreant! He has NO idea what CSIS does, what the RCMP does, nor what Military Intelligence even does! He is wandering around in a haze… PURPLE HAZE!!!


The prose waxes eloquently here.

alan skelhorne

did anyone see michele rempels tweet yesterday, lol. her face tells it all. when mr. prissypants was asked about the tarifs that trump put on the steel. lol. if you watch the first 50 secons, you know the election was bought, because the true speaking of an uneducated silver spoon little boy. awesome view.

William Jones

This clip is evidence of why it was so easy to win the public debate I had with him in his home riding in 1976 — after which he lost the election — but, because of an exceptionally strong riding association, was re-elected in the following year and has been in Parliament ever since — making one truly wonder.