WATCH: Scheer Vs Trudeau’s Lies

Scheer demanded Trudeau explain why he’s blaming the Indian government for the Jaspal Atwal invite while simultaneously saying a Liberal MP took full responsibility for it.

Justin Trudeau is getting caught up in his own web of lies.

He’s trying to simultaneously argue that the Indian government is responsible for convicted attempted murderer Jaspal Atwal being invited to dinner with him in India, while also saying that a Liberal MP has taken full responsibility for the invite.

Of course, we know that both of those things can’t be true.

In Question Period, Andrew Scheer directly confronted Trudeau on his web of lies, and Trudeau’s desperately evasive and dishonest ‘answers’ show how little he has to back up his claims.

Trudeau used the old tactic of trying to attack the past government instead of answering the questions, but even his own MPs looked depressed by his responses – something journalist David Akin noted on Twitter:

In the video below, watch as Scheer tries to get even a shred of truth out of Trudeau’s tangled web of lies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeau says he respects the work of the public service, yet hasn’t even had the wherewithal to pay them. All he has is lies and lies about his lies. Basically he’s a liar.


Has anyone noticed how this imbecile cannot speak without every second or third word being ‘uh’? Someone needs to keep track of this. ‘Peoplekind’ cried about how Harper couldn’t speak & wouldn’t answer questions. How many of this fools think socks is actually answering & not spinning & deflecting? The statement ‘he’s not ready’ has been proven since day one & still many still support him and think he’s doing a good job.

alan skelhorne

hey doug, ig you think that is something, lol. go and find micheles tweet from yesterday.
you will understand what this guy is really like.michele rempel,s tweet. lol. enjoy.


Trudeau s mind and analytical ability are debilitating and diseased

George Harding

When will his pants catch on fire…and all hie teeth fall out?