POLL: Conservatives Take 5 Point Lead Over Liberals Following Trudeau’s India Trip Disaster

The Conservatives are at 38%, while the Liberals are down to 33%.

A new poll conducted by Ipsos and originally reported by Global News shows that the Conservatives have jumped to a five point lead in the wake of Justin Trudeau’s failed trip to India.

Here are the key numbers:

Conservatives 38%

Liberal 33%

NDP 21%

Greens 5%

The Liberals are down 5 points since December, while the Conservatives are up 7.

Canadians have negative view of Trudeau’s India trip

The poll also asked Canadians what they thought of Trudeau’s India trip, and the reviews aren’t good.

40% said it had a negative impact on Canada-India relations, 21% said it had no impact, and just 16% thought it was positive.

The Liberals have also fallen 7% points behind in vote-rich Ontario, pulling in 36% to the Conservatives 43%.

Trudeau way behind in the prairies

Trudeau is getting crushed in Alberta, falling to third place with just 11%, while the Conservatives have 62% and the NDP are at 25%.

The Conservatives have a 20 point edge in Saskatchewan an Manitoba as well.

In BC, all three parties are basically tied, while the Liberals retain an edge in Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

Majority disapprove of Trudeau government

The poll shows a majority of Canadians opposing the Trudeau government – something that has been seen in other polls but not in past surveys by Ipsos recently.

54% say they disapprove, while 46% approve.

As Ipsos head Darrell Bricker said, the poll is the first by Ipsos since the election that showed the Trudeau Liberals trailing:

“It’s the first time we’ve shown, since before the election, any time the Liberals have been behind. They’ve been consistently four or five points ahead of their nearest competitor; sometimes more than that for the last two years and a bit.”

Bricker says perceptions are shifting:

“Something seems to have turned in terms of people’s reaction to the things that the government typically would do and get praised for.”

With his failures and incompetence now exposed for all the world to see, people are seeing the real Justin Trudeau, and even some of the media in this country are realizing what Trudeau is really all about: Deception, dishonesty, incompetence, and hypocricy.

Trudeau created an effective campaign propaganda image in 2015, but that image is now falling apart, and it seems Trudeau’s numbers are falling along with it.

Spencer Fernando

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I wonder if they polled in any Universities or new comers to Canada as that is where he got all his extra votes from in the last election, so I have seen in our slanted media? This is wonderful and it is thanks to people like you Spencer. Now if the Conservatives can even fix the mess were in, it will take a hard long time, and the economy is falling again, our dollar is starting to slide also, so the Lieberals will want out and again the Conservatives will fix as much as possible, then they (Liberals) can bounce… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

I would bet that the numbers are even higher for the Conservatives…

Miles Lunn

38% is actually fairly high for the Conservatives. The only time they ever get over 40% is if they breakthrough in Quebec. When you consider their difficulties in Atlantic Canada, urban Ontario and coastal BC I would say this is a very good number for them.

MM Ryan

Best news I’ve heard in 2 years, let’s keep it going. JT could always get back to being a drama teacher perhaps being a part-time bouncer LOL

don morris

Trudeau represents probably the safest Liberal seat in Canada,even if his IS defeated, he will almost certainly retain his seat. This IS good news,but the media will soon regain their love for Justin and his liberal ways unless Scheer and the CPC can make some kind of impact. There is still 20 months to go before the next election and a mid term low in the polls doesn’t usually mean much by the time the election rolls around. The upcoming Ontario election should be a true indicator of the mood of voters in the most populous Province in the Country,and… Read more »

Wendy Lush

YES !! ..

Ray Decorby

Off topic but interesting that a couple days after the Indian Gov’t was accused by the high ranking Liberal bureaucrat of planting Atwal into Trudeau’s party invites; India gave us the final diplomatic one finger salute, by raised the tariff on the importation of chic peas by 300%. Awesome diplomatic venture JT!

Ivan Hawkes

I can’t comprehend that Canadians could be so masochistic as to support Justin. Will that 30% wake up to find Canada in ruins and then ask “what happened?”. Those 30% can’t possibly have children they care about, or those poor children are being raised by totally ignorant people. What will it take for those LIEbral supporters to realize what reality is? Or do they simply have a stupid sock fetish?

don morris

A lot of Liberals are in professions paid for by the taxpayer, civil servants, teachers, crown corporation employees, and they are quite comfortable with the benefits given to them by Liberal governments,and they have lovely pensions thanks to a series of Liberal governments. This group will vote Liberal for the very good reason that THEY are doing very well under the Liberals. Ontario alone has over one million Provincial civil servants, and I would bet that 70% vote Liberal,maybe 25% vote NDP and if we’re lucky 5% vote Conservative. I worked in the civil service for 11 years,in our office… Read more »

Derek Williams

Lots of this will be forgotten come election time by the voters. But what will not be forgotten is that all things purchased cost more with carbon taxes added to everything, the smell of pot being smoked everywhere and more road accidents because of pot. We are in for a rough time as a country with this guy in charge.