REPORT: Groups Say Moneybags Morneau Should Be Removed From Pharmacare Plan Over Potential Conflict Of Interest

The Trudeau government stole the name of the NDP pharmacare plan, but their proposal appears designed to make sure it doesn’t interfere with the profits of companies like those Morneau-Shepell consulted.

Trudeau is working on his next political fraud.

This time, it’s called the national pharmacare program, a phrase lifted from something the NDP announced a few weeks ago.

After promising a commission to help craft the program – led by former Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins – the government sent out Bill Moneybags Morneau to give more details.

Morneau revealed that the program would not really be a universal pharmacare program, but would instead fill in ‘gaps’ in the current system.

So, it seems Morneau & Trudeau already has a system in mind, and the commission led by Hoskins is clearly just a diversion.

However, since the announcement, Morneau is now facing more accusations of conflict of interest due to the past work of Morneau-Shepell.

As noted by the Toronto Star, “The Canadian Federation of Nurses, Canadian Doctors for Medicare and the Canadian Labour Congress wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau demanding Morneau be removed from the file.”

In part, the letter said “It is our hope that insurance industry and pharmaceutical industry interests will not play a role in the implementation of universal public pharmacare.” 

The issue here is that a truly national pharmacare program could impact the profits of companies like Morneau-Shepell due to their relationship with companies that could be impacted by such a policy.

As a result, having Morneau involved in such a program is seen by many as a serious problem.

All of this should have been foreseen by the Trudeau government, considering the scandals Morneau has previously been through.

So, it seems the government simply doesn’t care about any perceived or real conflict of interest, and are just going to arrogantly keep writing national policies that could benefit a narrow elite. Unfortunately, that’s nothing new for the Trudeau government that has long-ago abandoned any pretense of serving middle class and Canadian workers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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