TRAIN WRECK: Watch Trudeau’s Incoherent Attempt To Discuss Steel Tariffs

Uh… Ummm… Uhhh… Canada is not in good hands.

Justin Trudeau tried to discuss Donald Trump’s plan to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

He attempted to explain the trade relationship between Canada and the US when it comes to steel.

It was a train wreck.

Between the umms and uhhs, Trudeau had to start his thoughts over and over again, and couldn’t explain trade surpluses.

Watch the video below:

Trudeau’s lack of even a basic ability to explain this situation is disturbing, since he’s the one in charge of our national government.

How can we expect to compete when such incoherence and incompetence is in power?

Canada is facing serious economic challenges on multiple fronts, including our slowing economy, rising debt, and now a potential trade war with our closest ally.

That’s why Trudeau’s train wreck news conference doesn’t bode well for Canada’s future.

He can’t deal with a situation he can’t even explain.

With his disaster trip to India already leading to higher tariffs on Canadian chickpeas, we are seeing the mounting consequences of Trudeau’s incompetence.

Canadians deserve far better.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Scott Smith

someone should tell Justin that weed is not legal yet

Terry Black

I don’t think it is current weed that is screwing up his head – I believe the truth is when he is Re-he-arsed and memorizes his Drama Lines’ his mouth works’ and sounds cohesive However, when the acting is over and he has to answer from thought from accessing the issue his mind is so crippled that his processes fail to work! I believe he may really be a Puppet of the words from Elite sources who provide him his Drama Script?

He may truly be the Moron we all accuse him of being?

Clive Edwards

Those who can’t act become drama teachers. Those who can’t even do that become Prime Minister.

Lynda Nanni

Looks to me like he’s high – and I mean that seriously!

Wendy Lush

It’s worse than that. He’s not high – that’s the real him.




My Goodness !!!!!!!!!!!!! Total incompetence !!!!!

Wendy Lush

It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic for the country.


There should be an immediate emergency call by OPPOSITION PARTIES for the removal of the Trudeau gov from Parliament for the sake and protection of Canada. If they don’t then they too will be at fault for allowing TRUDEAU’S GOV to damage our economy; our reputation, our safety from terrorism. The Canadian media ALSO BE BLAMED for their deliberate lack of coverage of Trudeau’s continual destruction to Canada. They molded him, protected him, lied for him, praised him and allowed themselves be muzzled by this dictator. What are they all waiting for to show any signs of awakening to the… Read more »



Guy Bedard

I agree with everything you’ve said Jen!!!

“Make Canada Great Again! Support Conservative Businesses! Vote Conservative 2019!” 🙂

Dave Bainard

Stoned again


Oh Boy wonder is not well versed at all.
First India with chick peas now USA with steel.
Canada is going to get picked apart and torn to shreds in trade deals. How many more countries are going to take advantage?
All Canadians are watching him put other countries, foreigners, terrorists, immigrants and illegals first vice Canadians but trust fund boy and his kids won’t as suffer he is already rich, not from hard work but from inheritance.
Call me a pessimist but Canadians are in for a bumpy ride.

Ivan hawkes

Please include into the “rich” side of Justin Turd Toe, that he GAVE AWAY MILLIONS of Canadians money to HIS FOUNDATION. If I had a foundation, the last thing I would do is STEEL from Canadian tax payers to fund my own foundation, because I have some ethics and morals, unlike Justin. Justin’s arrogant irresponsibility has no bounds, nor does his incompetence.


Fernando it’s been tough to access your site and post for two days now.
It takes a few tries and is really really slow.


Say that again…I think I missed something.

alan skelhorne

just trudeau being trudeau. nothing else can be said about an uneducated part time bouncer


i watched the whole disgrace on youtube… trust me, it got worse… truduh! has to be feeling like he is sinking in political quicksand…


Drunk again




OK I am glad he cleared that up for me. I did not really understand how surplus worked. We buy from them and they buy from us. Nice!



The Architect

Import/export … whew … who knew it would be such a difficult subject to talk about.
He should stick to explaining simpler things to Canadians – like quantum computing or time and space.

Edward R Peebles

He is a VICTIM of the shift in the Earth’s Magnetic Field affecting his thinking ! I used to think that he was just stoned ,but now I realize that he Must be suffering !
Ed Peebles

Ron Voss

Babbling idiot.


Yikes! His speech sounded slurred. And that’s on top of his incoherence and ignorance on the subject matter. As an American, I feel for our fine neighbors to the north having to endure Prime Minister Zoolander. We suffered under eight years of Obama, and I hope you can get an adult in charge soon. Thanks for all the fine reporting!


It ceases to amaze me now. Every time this Buffon opens his mouth, garbage spills forth, punctuated with has umms and whatever else it is he says. Please take him from office.


Canada is screwed. The sad fact is when it comes to trade in Steel the facts are on Canada’s side but our incoherent PM is unable to make the case and on the other side of the table is Trump who either has no regard for facts or is unable to grasp them. According to this information the U.S. actually exports more steel to Canada than it imports – Also 50% of all steel exports from the U.S. go to Canada and yet Trump wants to slap a 25% tariff on our steel?… In 2016, over 10 million MT… Read more »

Oddly, this was not information Justine could supply. I’m not criticizing as I was never a part-time drama teacher nor a snow boarding instructor. All the same I would have thought that someone who had his ear might have wanted to prepped him even a little.


He does better when he reads out the text dictated by Butts, Khalid, Monsef and Alghabra. He doesn’t have to try to think, to attempt to connect his brain with his lips, he just regurgitates what he is told to say.

The entire world thinks he is pathetic and world leaders likely feel sorry for Canadians. The only ones not laughing at him are Clinton, Iran and Hamas who got millions from him. Oh, just a minute, they would, of course, be laughing at him for being so stunned as to give them money.


I would have thought this was all edited as a joke until I saw it posted on your site! He really truly made these comments? This is the conductor running the train wreck in Canada. So, so bad, pray more people will see what is happening to us. His cabinet is full of the same and are too lame or scared or whatever to cross the floor and take a stand. Can he even speak publicly anymore without being stoned or drunk? So hard to watch.

Ted Shannon

I contacted the office of the Governor General of Canada to ask how we can remove a sitting Prime Minister. I was given the information from a reliable journalist that only the GG can dissolve parliament, and even though they were kind enough to reply the content was nothing more than obfuscation, proving that there is no process in place to have idiot removed, and does anyone here with an IQ more than 50 truly think that the opposition is going to intervene? They want him and the liberals to finish out their term, finish destroying what’s left of Canada,… Read more »

Clive Edwards

If you think the Queen doesn’t care what goes on in Canada, wait until the globalists succeed in demolishing all national borders. It took hundreds of years for most countries to evolve and Trudeau and the globalists want to dissolve Canada and leave us freezing on the prairie, unable to get our oil out of the ground while the east brings oil in from Saudi Arabia by ship. Trudeau intends to be Canada’s last Prime Minister.

Mel Kozun

Ted, the Liberals could have run an election with a rock as their leader (well, they did …) and their back room machine would have got it elected!

Trudeau is just a talking head, albeit a MORON of a talking head none the less. It wouldn’t really matter who the PM “appears” to be. Anyone with an IQ in positive number range knows Trudeau is not leading this. He doesn’t have the mental capacity …..

Moe S.

The American tariffs will impact 22,000 workers in the Canadian steel industry, and 10,000 workers in aluminum production. Trudeau & Morneau’s new budget makes NO mention of risk management or Plan B for the unexpected or if NAFTA goes down in flames. The Liberals budget concerns were all about ‘gendercare’ and how it can finally free women from injustice. Stupidity!

Elizabeth Moorhouse

I just suffered through the whole gagging 14 minutes on You Tube! Holy Cow can that man spin words! He again said nothing! Empty words that mean nothing! “We buy steel from them, they but steel from us!” Seriously, does he not know how to speak to adults?? He slipped in that the Liberals are going to cut “Homelessness” by Half!! In the “coming years!” So vague and meaningless! Every word out of his mouth is so empty or a lie! I can’t take much more!

Al Garnier

Get a grip Spence! You sound like a Evangelical Republican hyping fear and ignorance. Justin probably just had a bong hit of “Train Wreck” to test for Canadian citizens and, when dealing with the Clown in the Whitehouse, you have walk the walk and talk the talk.
Trade with the gun nuts will be dubious at best until the Clown is impeached or defeated. Harper would be in bed with Trump and courting Putin for treasonous gain by now.


when a beta thinks he s an alpha!


Frankly I thought the NAFTA talks had ended. With Trudeau at the helm everything either doesn’t get started or it is never ending.


Looks like with all this ‘negative press’ pressure and his ‘sheen’ fading, he’s turned to booze and drugs. Funny thing is though, so much of the MSM only show the bits where he is not stammering like the fool that he is. This is a sad state. Are enough of his (previous) followers ready to cross the floor and get a non confidence vote yet?????

Jeffrey Stephaniuk

Maybe he’d be more articulate answering in French. He was only prepared to deal with a Clinton White House and he has no frame of reference for any of this.

Bruce Miller

Trump is dangerous. These recent beligerences ( Twilight Zone Tariffs) cover nations other than Canada.


Dangerous, how? You know what is weird? Germany has now said that they will reduce tariffs on cars to match the U.S. tariffs as they were so lopsided in Germany’s favor. How come Trudeau won’t do that? Either reduce or eliminate tariffs altogether as Trump proposed?

Mel Kozun

Is there a Hansard of this??? I’d love to re-post it, over and over and over!!

James Burrows

We are so behind the curve. It’s not just a question of labels. Forget Liberals, Conservatives or NDP. That’s the trap that we fall into…the blame game. We then just shrug and continue on. No, the big problem here is that we haven’t done anything of true significance since we built a railway across the country. Even then the US was attempting to thwart us and have BC join the republic. We always have and will likely continue to pander to the US, it’s been our easy button despite the label of our government. We are so ilequiped. A store… Read more »

Glen Robert Parr

Unfortunately nothing legal can be done to remove dumbass Justin as the Liberals have a majority gov’t. The Conservatives, and the rest of Canada must suffer it out until the election it seems.


I’m not the first to say this but I seriously think JT has an illness that he needs tend to. As much as I think he is not helping this country, I believe he should step down as PM. It brings me no pleasure in believing this to be true. He could have been seriously traumatized in his childhood and there is some evidence to suggest this is possible. I hope he has some good people around him that could help persuade him to do the right thing. Others have gotten through such trauma. This video is the latest from… Read more »

Derek J Sowa

Just another in the long line of puppet politician’s… What we need in Canada is a strong independent who is ready and able to lead us into the future! If we are to keep voting for one of the two evils, we will reap what we sow. Time to think outside the circle!


Trudeau looks to be the biggest drunk ever and a dope addict, and we have him as a pm dirty shame for this country, I have a cat that has higher IQ then he has.

William Jones

I have heard grade school children do better — ’nuff said.

Ronald Fitzgerald

He’s totally lost without his earpiece. You know, the one he wears in the House of Commons. Everyone else wears one for the translation services provided in the House, so, even if they are functionally bilingual they might miss something trying to translate in their own head.
His earpiece is on a private frequency for his handlers to feed him his lines.
Left on his own we see the true bumbling fool that he is.