TRUDEAU FAIL: Canada Sold 10,000 Tonnes Of Chickpeas To India In 2017. After Justin’s Trip, India Hiked The Tariff From 40% To 60%

A total failure.

The real cost of Trudeau’s failed India trip is starting to become clear.

Before Justin Trudeau’s trip to India, many people were hoping that we could get India’s tariffs on chickpeas – which have a big impact on Canada – reduced.

India had previously raised the tariff to 40%, and there was optimism among some that Trudeau could convince India’s leader Narendra Modi to make a change.

Well, it turns out a change did indeed happen after Trudeau’s visit, first reported by the Western Producer.

India hiked the tariff from 40% to 60%.

As noted by Candice Malcolm, it seems Trudeau has absolutely zero clout with Modi:

There’s no way for Trudeau to spin this.

It’s a total failure.

He made a fool of himself playing dress-up, his party invited a convicted attempted murderer, he got snubbed at the airport, he got caught lying about an investment deal, and now, Canada’s chickpea producers are going to take a big hit.

Trudeau’s trip wasn’t just about bad optics, it will now have bad financial consequences for many Canadians.

As our country is learning, Trudeau’s incompetence and arrogance has a serious cost.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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