Trudeau’s Policies Have Made Our Economy Fragile At The Worst Possible Time

The government can’t directly control what other nations do, but they can put our economy in the strongest position possible to withstand any external shocks. The Trudeau government has done the opposite.

The economic news in Canada is not good.

GDP growth is slowing, household debt (already at record highs) is rising, direct investment collapsed over 25% last year, and our nation may be about to get hit with massive tariffs on steel and aluminum from our closest ally and biggest trading partner, at the same time as NAFTA remains up in the air.

While the Trudeau government is not responsible for the decisions being made by Trump, and aren’t responsible for the global economy, they are responsible for how well prepared our economy is to withstand what’s happening all around us.

And on that score, they are failing miserably.

Because of Trudeau’s economic policies, our economy is fragile at the worst possible time.

Imagine an alternate scenario where – everything outside of Canada is the same – but we don’t have a carbon tax, we haven’t destroyed tens of billions in investment with excessive regulations, we haven’t strangled our energy sector, and we have dramatically lowered taxes for middle class and working class people instead of expanding the bureaucracy.

Our growth would be increasing, people would have more ability to manage household debt – instead of facing a huge tax burden – billions in investment would be flowing into – not out of our country – and we would be dealing with external economic challenges from a position of strength.

Instead, at the very moment when external economic threats are closing in on Canada, we are projecting weakness. This makes it far more difficult to gain leverage over other nations, and it hurts our ability to defend our interests.

Despite all the evidence of how destructive the policies are, the Trudeau government continues imposing carbon taxes, expanding bureaucratic regulations, and racking up huge budget deficits.

Yet, instead of focusing on fixing these issues and getting our economy in a position to compete, the 2018 budget focused on virtue signalling, and didn’t even include contingency plans for the end of NAFTA or tariffs.

As if that wasn’t all enough, Trudeau has made a fool of himself on the world stage and severely damaged our relationship with India, and a clip of him trying to explain steel tariffs has gone viral – further raising international doubts about the ‘competence’ of the government.

Basically, our country is going into economic battle with one hand tied behind our back – and it’s because of decisions made by the Trudeau government.

Beware the government trying to change the narrative as the economy struggles

This is essential to keep in mind, because we know that the Trudeau government will attempt to blame Canada’s economic struggles solely on external events, in order to distract from the vulnerable position they put is in.

That’s why we need to keep reminding people about the fact that Canada is being weakened from the inside by our own federal government, and make sure they aren’t able to lie or talk their way out consequences of their destructive policies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube 

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