Maxime Bernier Is 100% Right To Criticize The Trudeau Government For Using The Awful Term “Racialized”

The government should be encouraging unity around shared values, not dividing Canadians by race.

A tweet by Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen about the recent budget has drawn heavy criticism, including by Conservative MP Maxime Bernier:

Here’s the tweet from Hussen, and Bernier’s response:

Ahmed Hussen Tweet

Bernier’s response:

“I thought the ultimate goal of fighting discrimination was to create a colour-blind society where everyone is treated the same. Not to set some Canadians apart as being “racialized.” What’s the purpose of this awful jargon? To create more division for the Liberals to exploit?”

After Bernier’s tweet, Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes made the insane claim that advocating for colour-blind society (which is what Martin Luther King advocated), somehow “contributes to racism” – linking to the left-wing Guardian newspaper as so-called “evidence.”

Then, she told Bernier to “be quiet,” showing an anti-free speech and authoritarian attitude which is deeply disturbing to see from an MP.

Then, she went even further, and made the absurd claim that creating a colour-blind society is not the goal.

Bernier pushed back:

A tweet by Ashish Anand summed up the views of many Canadians:

Obviously, all of us with common sense can see that Bernier and Anand are right on this one.

The use of the term “racialized,” which the far-left uses to mean anyone who isn’t white, is an incredibly divisive and dangerous term for the federal government to be using.

Instead of bringing Canadians together by our common values and goals, the Trudeau government is dividing everyone into white and non-white, which is offensive to everybody since it assumes all white people have a shared experience and assumes all non-white people have a shared experience – which are both totally incorrect.

It’s very disturbing to see the term “racialized” being used by the government, as I recall my time spent at university fighting against its use by some far-left members of the student union. So, in just about a decade, it’s gone from a fringe term on campuses, to being used by the Trudeau government in a budget, showing that what the SJW’s push on campus doesn’t just stay there – it proceeds to infect the rest of our society.

All common sense Canadians need to speak out against this. We cannot allow our government to divide people by race – which is exactly their intention with the use of the term “racialized.”

To unify our nation, we must focus on our common Canadian values of free speech, democracy, and individual freedom, including our history of fighting with our allies to defend those values from our enemies.

Of course, the Trudeau government doesn’t want to unify our nation. They want to divide it, hoping they’ll end up with the bigger slice of the electorate so they can stay in power.

That’s not leadership, it’s betrayal, and our strength as a nation will not be able to survive if the Trudeau Liberals efforts of racial division are not stopped.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ron Voss

According to Christianity, there is only one race (“one blood”), the human race. Racism increased with the teaching of and adherence to the notion of evolutionism.


Chavannes and Hussen are demonstrating by their comments that they are the ONES WHO ARE RACIST. In Canada, we are not talking about colors anymore, since this is passé. We are talking about values, Canadian values that we want to share with all who want: national security, enough for food and shelter for those who live here and unity in our similarities. PATRIOTS UNITED CAN NEVER DIVIDED.

LC Cicchelli

I’m really tired of this white privilege BS! My parents came here (legally) with almost nothing and built a new life with little money, hard work and A LOT of sacrifice! I too work hard and struggle to make a decent life for myself. To say I was given ANY advantage because I am white is ludicrous! My large circle of friends of various skin colours are doing as well, if not BETTER, than I am. I wasn’t looking to develop a diverse group of friends, it happened organically, in a Canada that was pre Trudeau! Trudeau, like Obama, sees… Read more »


“racialized.” , “Islamophobia” , – words invented collectively by the Liberals to devide and destroy Canada as we know it.

These people are beyond disgusting.

Trudeauphobia – the process of turning Liberal supporters into mindless compliant slaves.


We kinda missed the boat there, didn’t we. Let’s hope Scheer will pull up his socks.

Elizabeth Thorne

I am so sick of the divide and conquer Liberal morons.

Wendy Lush

“Prime Minister Maxime Bernier”. Doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?

“Justin Trudeau, Prisoner Number 284456” has an even nicer ring.

Griffin Walker

Radicalized.. To be paid by a Soros sponsored group such as BLM or Antifa to create division in society use words such as racist, white privelage, diversity,