SECRECY: Trudeau Government Denies Canadians Access To Info On Fighter Jet Procurement

Another betrayal of the promise of “openness and transparency.”

The Trudeau government has already made a total mess of the process to get new fighter jets for our country.

They let a dispute between Bombardier and Boeing push them to purchase terrible used fighter jets from Australia (Australia is upgrading to the F-35), even though the used planes are almost as old as the ones we currently have.

It’s a ‘stop gap’ measure until the long-term purchase takes place, but that seems a very long way off.

The Trudeau government has refused to do the common sense thing and get F-35’s like most of our allies are – even though we are involved deeply in the program.

Now, it seems Canadians aren’t even getting any info on a procurement program costing $19 billion.

As noted by the Ottawa Citizen, “The federal government says it needs to tightly control the type of information being circulated about its $19-billion fighter jet replacement program because it knows best what the public should be told.”

The process has been put under a total media blackout.

Here’s the government’s justification:

“As fighter aircraft and their component systems are sensitive, heavily controlled goods, it is also critical that (government) procurement officials remain the definitive source of publicly shared information, to ensure the integrity of the overall process.”

However, it seems the real reason the government doesn’t want it being talked about is so they can’t be embarrassed by incompetence:

“But sources who leaked details of the industry day meeting and the department’s plan to limit information to the news media, scoffed at government claims about the need to protect sensitive information. Industry executives often talk to journalists about government bungling of military procurements, not about the secret details of their respective products, sources pointed out.”

So much for openness and transparency. Instead, we get silence and secrecy.

And, it turns out that isn’t even the worst of it. As the Ottawa Citizen article points out, the Trudeau government imposed a gag order in 2016 on 235 individuals swearing them to secrecy on the fighter jet procurement program.

Disturbingly, “The non-disclosure agreement for the equipment project puts the fighter jet replacement on the same level as top secret counter-terrorism missions undertaken by the Joint Task Force 2 commando unit, as well as clandestine operations by the country’s spies, military sources say.”

Ironically, the Harper government – widely attacked for being too secretive – never imposed such harsh secrecy requirements on procurement programs as the Trudeau government has.

Keep in mind, the former information commissioner has also said the Trudeau government was releasing less info to the public than the Harper government did.

Yet again, it shows the disgusting hypocrisy of the Trudeau government, and their massive arrogance.

Even though they get paid with our tax dollars, and even though they are supposed to work for us, they are denying us details on what they’re doing with $19 billion of our own money, all to protect their own image.

Spencer Fernando

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alan skelhorne

i notice more n ore people are saying fernando, our allies, i beg to differ on that one. it looks great on paper, but in reality, the day that trudeau refused help with the fire in the fort, and then he pulled the jets out of syria, so no more of his followers could be harmed. so i totally disagree that we are allies with anyone anymore, we will become a tutti fruitti country, we won,t need a military, which btw we are already seeing, this country is gone now. if he gets in the next election, i certainly hope… Read more »


This is not due to National Security issues.
More likely, Political Security issues.

James r. Thornton

I am truly surprised at how Canada’s Liberal media is all over Pres. Trump’s imposing tariffs on aluminum and steel Yet I heard very little from these same Liberal media when Trudeau shut Boeing out of the Aircraft contracts for Canada and awarded it to his Quebec friends at Bombardier who he has given taxpayer’s money 3 or 4 times since elected. I think if Trudeau wants to run Canada on a soul source basis he has to expect retaliation from the US. I am a Proud Canadiannd I hope Pres. Trump shoes it down TRAITOR Trudeau’s throat.

Timothy Hickey

I think it is time to STAND ALONE when it comes to supplying our military with the right equipment given the modern day dynamics in geopolitics! Putting Canadians to work in this country should be our primary goal! Supporting the military complex through the purchase of capable fighter jets, serves to surrender our Independent Decision-making! We have the talent, educated in our schools to design and produce, right here in Canada, a jet capable of being the best in the world, and certainly capable of defending our air space, and contributing to the defense of nations around the world with… Read more »

Eric Blair

When I read about top-secret with this Trudeau government, think back to a book I read once entitled “Breaking with Moscow” by Arkady Shevchenko, a Russian UN diplomat who defected from the USSR. In it he talks about his summer vacation visit back to Moscow and asks friends what the latest jokes were. One of his friends tells this one. Did you hear about the guy who runs tin to Red Square and yells out Brezhnev is an idiot, Brezhnev is an idiot. The secret police pounce on him and take him to court. The judge gives his two sentences:… Read more »