BLOCKED: Trudeau-Appointed Senators Are REFUSING To Pass A Bill That Bans Foreign Money In Canadian Elections

Supposedly ‘independent’ senators appointed by Justin Trudeau are blocking Bill S239. Refusing to pass it will leave Canada open to foreign manipulation in the next election.

Senators appointed by Justin Trudeau are blocking passage of Bill S239.

Bill S239 was put forth by Senator Linda Frum, who has been speaking out for a long time about the very real threat of foreign money manipulating Canada’s elections.

After all, in 2015, millions in foreign money flowed into Canada – almost all of it against the Conservatives – and much of it was reportedly funded by the Soros-linked Tides Foundation.

More people are waking up to the threat, which was well-explained in a 2017 press release from the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs.

Here were a few of the facts the committee shared:

Under the Canada Elections Act, only Canadian citizens and permanent residents are allowed to “induce” electors to vote a particular way or to refrain from voting for a particular candidate. However, foreign entities are able to provide unlimited contributions to third parties before the six months leading up to an election period without any reporting requirements.

With fixed election dates in Canada, anyone can make unreported contributions to third parties six months prior to an anticipated election.

The Canada Elections Act regulates “third-party” involvement in election campaigns but does not address costs incurred for websites, social media, polling and other activities intended to influence elections.

As Senator George Baker said, “Much of the talk about foreign influence in elections refers to what’s happening in other countries. There is, however, a growing concern that Canada’s own electoral process is vulnerable to foreign interference.”

To help fix this serious problem, Senator Frum introduced Bill S239, a summary of which can be seen below:

“This enactment amends the Canada Elections Act to broaden the prohibition on inducements of electors by non-residents and to clarify the meaning of “induce”. It also makes it an offence for a third party to accept a foreign contribution for any purposes related to an election and expands the list of foreign contributors in section 358.”

Passing this is a no-brainer, and it should pass unanimously.

Yet, as noted by Senator Denise Batters, Trudeau-appointed Senators are blocking it:

The growing consensus is that the Trudeau Liberals benefited most from foreign money in the last campaign, so people would be justified in thinking they are doing everything they can to make sure the flow of money keeps going.

Otherwise, they would be supporting the bill and making sure it passes.

If the Trudeau Senators keep blocking the bill, it will be a totally anti-Canadian and disloyal action against our nation, and it shows that the idea of “independent” Senators is a total farce. Clearly, they are still doing Trudeau’s bidding.

Spencer Fernando

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alan skelhorne

hey fernando, i told you trudeau is above the law, i guess the civil war will start right after his elction is bought n paid for.

Jean Pierre LaRocque

This should also be applied to groups from other countries funding environmentalist, indigenous groups to cause havoc with the prosperity of this country by their funding…should not be permitted….


You sure got that right!

Robert Abbott

TheCanadian population will be aware of the foreign involvement in our elections. And all the entities involved in the foreign money I hope will be revealed and Canadians need to know who they are. Example Leadnow and many more need to be exposed. Once the Conservatives gain power they can take the perpetrators non profit society’s away and ban them from Canada.

Norbert Kausen

This BOZO has got to be gotten rid of NOW!!! As I had stated erlier, the protest marches must be only the beginning of continuous and persistent protest marches to DEMAND his immediate resignation and the dissolution of his government! The protests must be on-going and continue until he is removed from office. It should continue to escalate if satifsfaction is not met, up to and including strikes across the country!

Rick Johnson

I agree with you Norbert. It is, however, hard to compete with the professional protestors paid by Tides and Soros. Trudeau has been accused of being a blithering idiot and a puppet on a string. The evidence indicates that he is heavily counselled by someone with diabolical genius because while he is yet laughable, he is also unstoppable and untouchable with all his safeguards in place: majority government, majority Senate in his favour and the G.General in his pocket, not to mention strong favorability amongst representatives from media and in the Educational system. Whether it is Soros or the Aga… Read more »


There needs to be very good organization. Perhaps all Canadians need to be informed of this probable Senate vote. Many Canadians think it’s business as usual and they are uninformed. How about as many Canadians as possible demanding the abolishment of the Senate? That would be a lot less work for us all; less than protests.


NAILED it. SO very true on all fronts. We citizens (stooges, tag-alongs, etc) have zero impact for the duration of the ride.
The only time we have to affect change is upcoming election but we all know that Trudeau will bring out the chequebook and dole out some hefty, unsupportable promises and all will be well in the land of milk, honey and bombardier bailouts.
Just MHO


But its our money givong the bailouts Not his like he thinks

Rob Gillespie

You are right, Rick. And it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s expecting a lot of money from his sweethearts in the government of China – which is to say the Communist Party of China – that he adores so much. I fear you are also right about him and the Lieberalas having all the professional “protesters” – paid for by somebody else – his Senators (who are no more independent than his MPs) and the cretins in the leftover media (i.e. dying print and broadcast “journalists”) – paid for by us, the Canadian taxpayers, to the tune of $595 MILLION.… Read more »


Canadians must take action if we Love Canada and living in a Democracy! Trudeau must resign or this will become a totalitarian state.


The grievances against Trudeau keep adding up, it’s not going to look good for him soon.

C Thompson

It hasn’t been looking good for him for quite a while now. I don’t understand how there are still people who defend Trudeau and his party. The only explanation I can come up with is that the mainstream media, which I avoid, still go easy on him. It literally makes my head hurt.


Mainstream media was bought. Dumb millennials, and the politically correct dumb people elected this moron.


Obviously these Senators can accept foreign money through Trudeau, obviously not Canadians that like Canada. We really need a Canadian government for Canada, wow tell me that at least it is unethical. I cannot believe all the Liberals are this corrupt and against Canadians, they either are getting paid a whole lot more or would be across the floor to the Conservatives to get rid of this corrupt un Canadian government or are the Conservatives corrupted too? I hope that we get an honest for Canada government very soon. All these Liberals should be charged and put in jail for… Read more »


The Liberals haven’t been in power that long and they appear to be rotten to the core.



Don Rudolph

The only thing that will work is massive civil disobedience. Shut this country down until Trudeau steps down or is forcibly removed preferably the latter. Are the Mounties going to shoot unarmed citizens? If so many can play at that game although I would not like to see anyone hurt due to Numb nuts Trudeau. It would require massive involvment of patriots.

Ron Voss

Trudeau’s appointed independent senators are just members of the politburo.

chris malmstrom

Senate needs to be dissolved … NOW!

Bob Fry

In the 2015 Federal Elections there were two groups from the U.S.A. that targeted certain riding, and advertised for the Liberals, but more they sent up people who coordinated with the Liberal candidate and including going door to door canvassing for the Liberal candidate. This was done in targeted riding that were close races for the vote. Twenty Nine riding were targeted and with extensive campaigning a total of twenty seven seats went to the Liberals. One of these groups was from San Francisco and the other was the Tide Foundation. With the Senate voting down this Bill to limit… Read more »

Ron Voss

In the early 70s I sent a small $10 donation to support one of the presidential candidates (don’t ask me which one because it’s embarasaaing) and my cheque was returned explaining foreign contributions are prohibited. Now millions are sent across the Canadian border from the US, from the likes of Soros.

Eric Blair

I was a scrutineer at the last federal election in Delta BC and I saw with my own eyes how the votes were piling up for the liberal candidate, Carla Qualtrough and not so much for the incumbent PC, Kerry-Lynne Findlay. I was stationed at a school in a more salubrious part of Delta so one would expect to see more conservative votes from those polling stations but it was not so. People were tired of Harper after 10 years, plain and simple. What the conservatives ought to have done was to have had a new leader after 8 years… Read more »


I so agree, 2 term governments should be enacted but as we have seen with this article, it ain’t gonna happen in Canada.
As long as governments keep allowing foreign interest to fund them, well 2 terms are the least of our problems here.

C Thompson

I learned a new word today! Great comment also.


If these Senators were audited the money trail will lead to ‘globalist cabal’ or Foreign donor payoffs to the Senators. The maple leaf should be flying upside down in Canada. We are under attack from within, specifically by Trudeau liberals who are orchestrated by the globalist cabal).


I agree with you Bruce. It seems like Soros bought out our senators.


As for auditing, where is the Ethics Commissioner?

Blaine Williams

If the is true, I belive that Bill S239 must be approvel or i think all of the liberal appointed senators and the Liberals MPs and PM should be tried for treason.

Jill Ward

I warned he is dangerous and would do anything INCLUDING, BREAKING/CIRCUMVENTING/IGNORING AND RE-WRITING ANY AND ALL LAWS TO ENSURE HE IS NOT VOTED OUT!! 1) remove all borders, immigration/refugee/illegal/terrorist laws so all can pass freely, none denied, no background checks, none removed and all promised the free life and right to vote in 2019 2) remove from voting laws the REQUIREMENT TO PROVIDE I.D. 3) REFUSE TO CLOSE THE BORDERS AFTER A YEAR OF THIS INVASION 4) refusal to PASS LAWS REGARDING FOREIGN MONEY AND INTERFERENCE IN OUR ELECTION – WHICH ARE EXACTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS PSYCHOPATHIC FREAK TO GET… Read more »


1. Stop yelling 2. Spot on and the odds are against all Canadians to see a fair and just election process in 2019, VERY against. We will have all new immigrants, those with questionable ID’s, and of course the Tides led volunteers canvasing in the East and BC to gain another win in 2019. Too bad we are so weak to not stand up as a collective to these idiots, instead (me included) will continue to tap away on these keyboards hoping for some semblance of justice for all in 2019 when we know, unless we do so and rise… Read more »


You realize that stats canada bu accident hmm has sent out 1000 of voter cards belonging to Canafians that have past Way in the past 10 years which is why only boter cards allowed to vote in 2019 as well as allNew immugrants got one hmm by accident again Sure if i find out anyone Voted on behalf of my loved one i am getting a lawyer

Gar Leising

Banning foreign contributors would prevent lobby groups like ours, the NRA from contributing .

C Thompson

Since it’s still fair game right now, it’s needed more than ever to counter the globalist agenda being pushed by Soros and friends.


What about the use of FIPA or other secret underhanded boards created during previous Government between 2006 and 2014? These loopholes have to be investigated and reversed before we continue down this path.


canadoans need to remember the actions of these anti Canadian bozos. All Canadians need to stand up for Canada and vote against this anti-Canadian government. Soros couldntnbuynHillarynan election, so let’s make damned sure he can’t buy this anti-Canadian bunch a second term! GO CANADA!! “VIVA LE’ CANADA LIBRE’ “


No Kenster, he slogan Vivre le Caaada Libre’ was he worst slogan ever repeated to the Quebec people. Please learn your history! 3

By repeating the slogan of Québec independence movement, de Gaulle provoked a diplomatic incident that resulted in the cancellation of his visit, initiated an incredible campaign of French interference in the domestic affairs of Canada and, above all, lent his worldwide prestige to the Québec independence movement. A year after de Gaulle’s visit, René Lévesque founded the Parti Québécois and Canada would never be the same again.


Ooops I must make corrections to the above: No Kenster, the slogan ‘Vivre le Canada Libre’ was a take-off of ‘Vivre le Québec Libre’ which was the worst slogan ever repeated to the Quebec people. Please learn your history! By repeating the slogan of Québec independence movement, de Gaulle provoked a diplomatic incident that resulted in the cancellation of his visit, initiated an incredible campaign of French interference in the domestic affairs of Canada and, above all, lent his worldwide prestige to the Québec independence movement. A year after de Gaulle’s visit, René Lévesque founded the Parti Québécois and Canada… Read more »


You eastern Canadians voted for liberals you easterners can vote him out!


Before some talk about what the Tories will do, let us please remember about the accusations that were made about a former Tory PM who took money and failed to report it and then got a great deal from the tax department? Is it not about time that people of all parties exposed the skeletons in their closets? I remember that it was reported that some staffers under Mulroney’s government were told to use a credit card from a US company that was not even registered as bank in Canada? Now Mulroney’s daughter in running in Ontario under her father’s… Read more »


The Liberals had their foreign supporters launder hundreds of thousands of dollars through treasonous jerks like Tides Canada who then funded Dogwood Initiative. A simple search of both will show they brag about how many ridings they influenced campaigns, using expert guidance from mainly huge American family funds.

Just like the Clown now being quite satisfied with our voting system, Trudeau and his Liberals are quite content to accept “support” from foreigners who want to protect their massive resource income. Why change a good thing?


George Soros and his Open Society Foundation area already involved with our government since the liberals came to power. So he is looking for him to fund our “immigrants” (new liberal voters) and now it will be the liberal election costs. Soros gives billions so do we want an outsider funding our elections. I can’t see Canadians of any political stripe agreeing this is good for Canada. Call your MP


I pretty much know I won’t be hearing about senate blockage of this bill on CBC. With Trudeau at the helm, Canada is a bloody banana republic controlled by outsiders.

Charles R. Churchill

The Liberals edge ever closer to outright treason.

Alci B

Criminals in high places are controlling the election . Beginning to believe Canada is in even worse shape then the USA.
Canada is quiet about it to their own demise .
Like a frog in hot water .

Dianne Latulippe

This government has me constantly worried and angry.




not wondering why…

Sylvain Larose

Trudeau is ONLY the hand wiggling at our faces as the Great Magicians can keep their acts without being noticed and bothered. Even since the GIGANTIC FARCE pulled by Trump and the American people, no one seems to realize that politics is just an illusion designed to make us believe we have some sort of saying and control over the perpetual sacking of our individual wealth and identity. WE the PEOPLE are no more than mere ants programmed to die for a greater ‘good’ that has absolutely no intention of making us profit from it and be part of. Listening… Read more »

bob fry

For the Senate to turn down this bill, reeks of Justin George Soros Trudeau all over it. In the last election it was not only the $6 million Dollars of Foreign money, but it was two U.S.A. organizations one from San Francisco and the other is the Tides Foundation. They actually sent people up to Canada and assisted the Liberals candidates in the tight ridings and even went out and canvassed for voters to turn to the Liberal side. They convinced 27 out 29 riding to vote Liberal. Money is one issue for TV Commercials and posters, but for a… Read more »

Don Taylor

These Traitorous bought and paid for corrupt Senators would be wise to change their ways!!


Corruption, abuse of power and sleaze. Liberals from top to bottom.


hmmm are crooks running the political mafia now ??

james isnor

Just take a look how much foreign donations have increased to the Trudeau Foundation since the 2015 election of the PMO