BLOCKED: Trudeau-Appointed Senators Are REFUSING To Pass A Bill That Bans Foreign Money In Canadian Elections

Supposedly ‘independent’ senators appointed by Justin Trudeau are blocking Bill S239. Refusing to pass it will leave Canada open to foreign manipulation in the next election.

Senators appointed by Justin Trudeau are blocking passage of Bill S239.

Bill S239 was put forth by Senator Linda Frum, who has been speaking out for a long time about the very real threat of foreign money manipulating Canada’s elections.

After all, in 2015, millions in foreign money flowed into Canada – almost all of it against the Conservatives – and much of it was reportedly funded by the Soros-linked Tides Foundation.

More people are waking up to the threat, which was well-explained in a 2017 press release from the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs.

Here were a few of the facts the committee shared:

Under the Canada Elections Act, only Canadian citizens and permanent residents are allowed to “induce” electors to vote a particular way or to refrain from voting for a particular candidate. However, foreign entities are able to provide unlimited contributions to third parties before the six months leading up to an election period without any reporting requirements.

With fixed election dates in Canada, anyone can make unreported contributions to third parties six months prior to an anticipated election.

The Canada Elections Act regulates “third-party” involvement in election campaigns but does not address costs incurred for websites, social media, polling and other activities intended to influence elections.

As Senator George Baker said, “Much of the talk about foreign influence in elections refers to what’s happening in other countries. There is, however, a growing concern that Canada’s own electoral process is vulnerable to foreign interference.”

To help fix this serious problem, Senator Frum introduced Bill S239, a summary of which can be seen below:

“This enactment amends the Canada Elections Act to broaden the prohibition on inducements of electors by non-residents and to clarify the meaning of “induce”. It also makes it an offence for a third party to accept a foreign contribution for any purposes related to an election and expands the list of foreign contributors in section 358.”

Passing this is a no-brainer, and it should pass unanimously.

Yet, as noted by Senator Denise Batters, Trudeau-appointed Senators are blocking it:

The growing consensus is that the Trudeau Liberals benefited most from foreign money in the last campaign, so people would be justified in thinking they are doing everything they can to make sure the flow of money keeps going.

Otherwise, they would be supporting the bill and making sure it passes.

If the Trudeau Senators keep blocking the bill, it will be a totally anti-Canadian and disloyal action against our nation, and it shows that the idea of “independent” Senators is a total farce. Clearly, they are still doing Trudeau’s bidding.

Spencer Fernando

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