FAIL: Trudeau Government Missing Paris Climate Targets They Signed Up For

What economically destructive policy will they come up with next to meet the arbitrary targets of this globalist scheme?

The Trudeau government has admitted that they’re failing to meet the targets they signed Canada up for in the Paris Climate agreement.

As noted by the CP, “Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says Canada is committed to meeting its climate change targets despite a growing gap between promises and emissions projections. “We’re absolutely committed to meeting our target,” McKenna, in Edmonton for an international conference on cities and climate change, told The Canadian Press. “We’re all in.”

The government agreed to lowering our emissions to 517 megatons per year by 2030, an absurd target since emissions in 2015 were 722 megatons.

Now, the government is finding out that signing a globalist agreement is one thing, and meeting targets (that would require policies that strangle economic growth) is another thing:

“In December, the government delivered a report to the United Nations outlining progress on reaching that target. The report acknowledged that both current and planned policies are likely to leave the country 66 megatonnes short of its target. That figure is 50 per cent higher than a similar report made to the UN 18 months ago. “It’s a good-news, bad-news story,” said McKenna.”

First of all, we shouldn’t have to submit reports to the United Nations on anything.

Second, what makes this so absurd is that the government made a huge deal about signing the agreement, and slammed everyone who disagreed. Yet, they can’t even meet the targets themselves – despite hitting Canadian taxpayers and businesses with a terrible carbon tax that is destroying our ability to compete economically.

Interestingly, McKenna – in her attempt to justify the failure – accidentally admitted two things that the globalists usually try to distance from the discussion of climate policy.

She said that ‘increased economic’ growth (which is already slowing) was part of why the government couldn’t hit the targets, and also said the government is “counting on reforestation” to help Canada absorb more carbon in forests.

Of course, this means McKenna is admitting that achieving our targets will require a weaker economy, and is also admitting that Canada should be getting credit for the carbon absorbed by our forests. Yet, if that is taken into account, it means Canada already likely is carbon neutral – as noted by the Financial Post – so why is the government strangling our economy and screwing over Canadian taxpayers when we are already doing far more than our share?

By mistakenly admitting those two things, McKenna once again reveals that the government’s carbon tax and climate policy is a fraud, and is really about increasing the size and power of government at the expense of the Canadian people, while hiding it behind a perception of action on the climate.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

Meanwhile, disappointingly, Andrew Scheer aligned his party with this globalist man-made, er people-made, climate change fraud by whipping his MPs in June 2017 to support a Liberal motion affirming the Paris Climate Accord, at the same time taking a poke at Trump. With ‘conservative’ friends like that, who needs enemies?


Absolutely right Spencer — we should not be submitting reports to the UN (Useless Nations) on ANYTHING … period.
They have no jurisdiction unless we hand it to them, and we’d better bloody well not be doing that!
Now … I can’t wait to get rid of this clown show — this puppet dangling on a string and being controlled by Butts and Soros … how about an investigation into foreign influences in the last CANADIAN election … ???


Well what did you expect from a over rated politician.She has an extremely low I.Q.Well educated yes,but then look at her bossthe teenage girl who has no clue what is going in the world of economics.By the way McKenna I guess being common law to Scott we know who wears the pants.They should rename the Liberal party.Call it the L.I.Q lowest I.Q. required.


Achieving the imaginary fairy dust Trudeau targets will only require about $100 billion a year, paid to Soros and Screwzuki and Gore to buy imaginary “carbon credits”, whatever the hell those are. When will the Liberals achieve the trillion dollar debt mark? I suspect that is why Trudeau insulted President Trump with his sneaky trip to the US a couple of weeks ago. The Clown was likely making sure certain people had the right account numbers in Trudeau’s Communist Chinese Banks and the correct method of making donations to the Justin Trudeau Family Benefit Fund after he writes even bigger… Read more »

Tim Rutkevich

Canadian Liberal government always signs up to those accords without clear plan of achieving them. Remember Chretien Liberals signed Kyoto Protocol, but had no plan at all?