Liberal MP Faces Growing Criticism For Absurd Claim That Seeking A Colour-Blind Society “Contributes To Racism”

Apparently, the Trudeau Liberals think that dividing people by their race is better than judging people by the content of their character.

As I reported yesterday, Conservative MP Maxime Bernier and Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes have been going back and forth on Twitter after Bernier criticized the Trudeau Liberals for using the term “racialized” to divide Canadians by race, and Chavannes then absurdly claimed that Bernier’s goal of a colour-blind society “contributes to racism.”

As you can imagine, people were not happy with Caesar-Chavannes’ comments, especially considering that the vast majority of Canadians want to see our country judge people by the content of their character, not race. Apparently, Caesar-Chavannes thinks its okay to imply that all of us are racist for wanting people to be treated the same.

Caesar-Chavannes had also told Bernier to “be quiet,” which generated even more outrage.

Seeing public opinion turn against her, Caesar-Chavannes tried making an apology, but she notably didn’t apologize for insinuating that all of us who want a colour-blind society are basically racists.

Here’s how it played out on Twitter, with Bernier continuing to fight back against Caesar-Chavannes’ implications of racism:

Bernier noted that both Caesar-Chavannes and Ahmed Hussen haven’t apologized for implying that Bernier was racist:

Bernier makes a great point. Common-sense Canadians need to push back against the efforts of social justice warriors to silence those who disagree with them.

As we know, Celina Caesar-Chavannes just said publicly what the Trudeau government obviously believes: Everyone who disagrees with them should be silenced.

That’s why their threats to regulate social media and bring in new laws on internet speech are so dangerous. If they think people like Bernier are ‘racist’ for supporting the equal treatment of people from all races, just imagine how they would use the power of government to shut down their opponents.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Elizabeth Thorne

Finally, someone in Canada has had the courage to stand up for Canadians . Thank you Maxime Bernier.

Dave Smith

liberals are the cancer not the cure.


Well said Maxime Bernier, this is what Canadians want, not the Fraud our Current Government is producing!

Ron Voss

Good for Bernier. With respect to his saying, “I say it’s time we conservatives stop being afraid to defend our vision of a just society made up of free and equal individuals, and push back against those who want to silence any opinion that differs from theirs”, shows that sadly the CPC elected the wrong person to lead the party.


Let us have equality right across this nation. That’s what everyone wants and needs to make Canada a good peaceful, respectful place to live with dignity. Thank you Maxime Bernier, I think that is what the Conservatives should run next election. Very soon hopefully.


We all need to respond accordingly when we’re falsely accused of something of which we’re not guilty. The people bent on race-baiting are full of resentment. They don’t want to lift the disadvantaged up, their greatest wish is to bring the advantaged down. Someone said that leftists hate the rich without loving the poor. I believe it. Vitriol, anger and resentment fills them and they’re sick with the need to damage.


Nice piece Spencer. Looks like Celine C-C is trying to weasel her way out of this without actually admitting she was wrong. I don’t see her ever backing down on her statement unequivocally either. This is actually good news because it isolates her and those that support her is a very small minority camp–definitely not the mainstream. Expect some Liberals to walk C-Cs message back for her because because by now she has lost all credibility.


I must agree with Ron Voss. The performance of the current CPC leadership has been rather weak and disappointing, too often a reflection of ‘liberal light’. It’s heartening to see Maxime Bernier clearly define and support the values of a free, just and ‘equal’ Canadian society!

alan skelhorne

good morning ed, d you really realise how strong and arrogant these liberals are, they are paying alot of money out to the newspapers, they are paying big money who he knows that will vote for him, i am sorry that you think mr,scheer is liberal lite, his hands are tied. i am sure you have watched qp, he doesn,t anser any questions at all. the speaker of the house is always warning the opposition compared to the pos liberals, trudeau is above the law, he has proven that everyday. who can bring him down, who can touch him, like… Read more »


Maxime Bernier for Prime Minister. Mr. Dimples just doesn’t do it for me. Not aggressive or obnoxious enough. Mr. Dimples is just too nicey-nicey and seems to be afraid of pissing off Trudeau.

There are a number of people currently in the Opposition that would make great Leaders and Prime Ministers, but not Scheer. The Cons screwed up big time with him. Notice how they folded and ran when the Sikh terrorists, friends of Trudeau and the Liberals, whined about having the truth publicized. Seems like Liberals, terrorists and jihadists don’t like the truth.

Norbert Kausen

Trudeau and his disgraceful governmnt MUST be forced to resign, NOW!!!


She is racist and should step down!! She is not a good representative of me and all Canadian taxpayers who pay her salary!!

Brian Pudsey

People like this woman really think Canadians are blind and stupid enough to buy into their racist agenda. The irony is that people will take her less seriously, which will fuel her distorted view of the general kindness and inclusiveness of Canadians.