REPORT: Trudeau’s Former National Security Advisor Rejects Justin’s Conspiracy Theory Blaming India For Atwal Invite

Aside from Trudeau, does anybody in the country believe it?

Dick Fadden, the former head of CSIS and a National Security Advisor to both Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau has rejected Trudeau’s conspiracy theory blaming India for the invite of convicted attempted murderer Jaspal Atwal.

As reported by iHeart Radio – who interviewed Fadden – he says “I just don’t see it. If it were true, it would be very serious indeed, which is why I think it’s probably not true because I still don’t see the advantage to India of their doing this.”

Justin Trudeau was caught giving two ‘explanations’ for the invite at the same time, when he said he would speak to the Liberal MP responsible for the invite – Randeep Sarai – while also spreading the conspiracy theory pushed by his government that “rogue elements” within the Indian government were to blame.

As Fadden said to host Evan Solomon, “Yes it’s theoretically possible that an agency came up with this brilliant idea and proceeded without the agreement of the government of India, but I think that’s fairly unlikely. I think it was a series of mistakes. Very often when it’s a major trip abroad and other people are given the opportunity to invite people, things fall between the cracks. My guess is that’s what happened in this case.”

Fadden’s rejection of Trudeau’s conspiracy theory is another huge blow to the non-existent credibility of the government, and comes not long after Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale got wrecked by the media trying to spin the same BS story about who was to blame.

At this point, it seems that nobody in Canada aside from Justin Trudeau believes the conspiracy theory. That said, Trudeau’s conspiracy talk has shed light on one important truth: Justin is willing to destroy Canada’s relationship with India in a pathetic attempt to protect his own image.

Spencer Fernando

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I also read in Macleans that the Liberals tried to blame the Conservatives. The Liberals must be able to face corruption charges or something by now, they as a whole party have to be stopped, they are ruining our country. and especially Quebec as said in the Washington post.


Good work, Spencer, keep the pressure on, only about 17 more months of JT’s BS, and the end of Sunny Ways!


Trudeau is a pathetic piece of crap. Canadian’s will be better off when he’s gone. Canadian’s must vote this lying, traitor out in 2019.

al macdonald

here’s a question. what are the chances trudeau offered Joshua boyle a great paying job maybe around $100 grand a year to be his point man on hi deradicalization scheme. when this other shoe drops it will be another nail on the coffin for this goof.


Falling between the cracks, the Liberals and some Tories for years have been reported to have catered to these special interest separatist groups for years! We have to take off our hats going into a building, we have to shave and cut our hair for valid safety reasons for a job and proper safety equipment, but some can wear what they want and carry a dagger they call religious, but boy or boy do not complain or up rush the accusations, allegations of discrimination. I am glad to see the Indian government stand up to these guys. What an embarrassment… Read more »