WHAT? Trudeau Says “When You Are A Baby, You Are A Scientist. If I Make This Noise, Wow, I Get Milk.”


At a science event with Bill Nye, Justin Trudeau – one of the most esteemed scientific minds of our age – had this to say about scientists:

“Every human being starts off as a scientist. When you are a baby, you’re a scientist. If I make this noise, wow, I get milk.'”

A few versions of Trudeau’s “wisdom” were quoted, including the one below by Paul Wells:

Later, a video emerged of the comments, with Trudeau apparently saying every human being starts of as a scientist:

As if that gem of ‘wisdom’ wasn’t enough, Trudeau also falsely called Science Minister Kirsty Duncan a Nobel Prize winner, even though she is not.

So, Trudeau is both making a fool of himself once again and lying as usual.

Just another day at the office (AKA outside the office doing another photo-op) for Justin.

Patrice O’ Hamilton summed things up perfectly on Twitter:

“I’m paying him for this? The west is aflame, NAFTA half dead, budget just crashed in a heap, and he does milk jokes? Go to the office and get working…..geez already.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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