ARROGANCE: Trudeau Liberals Ignored Internal Government Survey Showing Canadians Oppose Big Deficits & Spending Plans

What’s the point of the government spending taxpayer dollars on a survey of Canadians if they just ignore what Canadians think?

Ahead of the 2018 budget, the Finance Department conducted a survey of Canadians – using taxpayer dollars – to see what we thought of their policies.

It turns out, Canadians think the government is “wrong” on their deficit and spending plans.

As noted by the Globe & Mail, “The federal government’s own internal surveys found Canadians believe Ottawa is getting it “wrong” on deficits and spending, but that didn’t stop the Liberals from releasing a third consecutive deficit budget with no timeline for balancing the books.”

Additionally, “The polling report states that focus group participants “felt the government has been getting the following wrong” over the past year, listing “deficits and spending,” followed by not doing enough for First Nations, abandoning electoral reform, legalizing marijuana and “taking care of who is crossing our border into Canada from the U.S.”

Interestingly, the poll showed that Canadians believed the government was “right” on “Canada’s direction and tone on the international stage,” and “its focus on the environment and immigration issues.” However, the survey was conducted before Trudeau’s disaster trip to India, and before the government revealed that they can’t even reach the climate targets they signed up for.

The fact that the government arrogantly ignored their own survey on what Canadians think is just more confirmation that they have no interest in listening to the people or representing our citizens. Every bit of “consultation” they do is a fraud, meant to create the false impression of accountability, when they are really just pushing ahead with their own destructive agenda no matter what people think.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Norbert Kausen

Continuous and persistent protest marches ACROSS the country should MUST be implemented! Perhaps a NATION-WIDE STRIKE should also be implemented and the strike continue UNTIL Trudeau steps down and the Liberals are removed from government!


Brilliant idea! Now, how to get it organized.


We can only muster about 20 million Canadians,
How many do we need???

Ron Voss

As they say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and the picture you chose for this blog post shows his arrogance and indifference to what Canadians want from their government, understandable for someone who admires Communist China’s basic dictatorship.


He does this all the time, Ron. When he is tired of holding Parliament, Government, the opposition, Canadians, and Canada in such extreme contempt, or when he runs out of his non-answers, he sits, plugs in his earpiece and gets further instructions. That earpiece is NOT for translation purposes but likely for him to get more commands from Soros, Butts, his Communist Chinese donors and the Liberal Islamic mafia. He has to be told what to think and say.


Only morons ask for opinions then ignore. That’s Trudeau Liberals’ signature! As for the First Nations, how can anyone think they dont receive enough funds when they have received $3.2 trillion since 1947 from the government(s) which is 2.5 times the size of the national debt. If they cant build with such enormous sums, they are a lost case.


AMEN! Just like daddy!

Brian Dougan

“…The poll showed that Canadians believed the government was “right” on “Canada’s direction and tone on the international stage,” and “its focus on the environment and immigration issues.”

It’s over for this country. (Are we still a country?) I hear the Fat Lady singing. International stage? Check. Great job! “Right direction.” Immigration issues? Check. Right direction. All is well. Go back to sleep.

Are you kidding me?? Surely they jest. That level of ignorance brings the term “Low information voters” down even lower. We need a new category.


The deficits are all planned not to exceed $20 m
Not excessive
What it seems is that Canadians want services but no deficits
The money needed to top up Veterans needs after being screwed over by Harper is $4 billion alone
Plus good water for indigenous that too were screwed by Harper is over $5 billion

chris malmstrom

If it was Harper that screwed the veterans, then why every Liberal in the House vote NO, just last month, to giving ANYTHING more to veterans?


But, but Harper..u are part of the problem, deflecting for this clown show….If the deficits are 20B per year, does that mean they dont have to be repaid? or just repaid by the next generations? Have higher standards…Your leader has done 0 to help anyone, other than other liberals…what have u gotten out of this?


“Every bit of “consultation” they do is a fraud, ” – The Liberals really don’t give a damn what Canadians think, need and want. Honestly, they don’t. Trudeau is the worst of all of them.