DECLINING APPROVAL: Another Poll Shows Trudeau’s India Debacle Seriously Damaged His Image

Shortly after an Ipsos survey showed the Trudeau Liberals dropping in the polls, a new poll by Abacus Data shows Trudeau’s image took a big hit after his disastrous India trip (vacation).

A new Abacus Data poll shows that Justin Trudeau’s India debacle has had a significant impact on how he is perceived by Canadians.

While the party support numbers are relatively stable (Abacus generally shows the Liberals leading) with the Liberals at 36%, the Conservatives at 33%, and the NDP at 18%, even that number represents the narrowest margin Abacus has shown since the election.

Meanwhile, it’s in the personal perception numbers where Trudeau has really taken a hit:

The poll shows Canadians evenly split on government approval, with 42% saying they approve and 41% saying they disapprove.

When it comes to whether Canadians have a positive or negative impression of Justin Trudeau, his numbers have cratered from the previous survey.

The last time Abacus asked this question, 47% said they had a positive impression of Trudeau, while 31% said they had a negative impression of him.

After his India trip, 38% say they have a positive impression, while 39% say they have a negative impression of him, putting his personal approval numbers in negative territory in an Abacus Data poll for the first time since the 2015 federal election.

Negative numbers for Trudeau across a wide range of issues

The poll also shows that 41% of Canadians say Trudeau is doing a poor job handling the economy, while 32% say it’s just “acceptable,” and 27% say it’s “good,” giving Trudeau a score of -14 points.

When it comes to handling the deficit and debt, 47% say Trudeau is doing a poor job, while 33% say it’s acceptable, and just 20% say it’s good.

On his handling of taxpayers money, 47% say Trudeau is performing poorly, 30% say acceptable, and only 23% say it’s good.

And finally, when it comes to how Trudeau represents Canada internationally, his numbers are way down. While the previous Abacus poll showed 53% of Canadians saying Trudeau has been good at representing Canada and only 21% said he was doing poorly on that score, the numbers in the latest poll show 38% saying Trudeau is doing good, versus 37% saying Trudeau is doing poorly.

After the India trip, Trudeau’s positive margin in how he represents Canada has shrunk from 32 points to just 1 point in the Abacus poll.

Keep in mind, Abacus polls tend to show more positive numbers for Trudeau than others such as Forum Research, so for his numbers to be cratering even with Abacus is quite notable.

This goes to show that – despite pathetic efforts to spin the India trip as a “success,” Canadians can see that it was a total disaster, as Trudeau’s incompetence and dishonesty were on display in front of the entire world.

Read the full Abacus Data poll results here

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ivan Hawkes

If Canadian’s were actually paying attention (many are) they would realize that Justin is “just image” with no content. Justin is a hollow empty puppet being controlled by his masters. That’s why the LIEberals chose to present him as a “hot” young man to entice silly women to vote for him, and present the idea of legalizing pot to entice people who want to play rather than be serious. Justin will wear anything, say anything, do anything, and behave in any way he is told by his controllers. He is a useful puppet and nothing more. Any Canadian who doesn’t… Read more »

Norbert Kausen

It is obvious to me that many Canadians, especially the younger, do not follow what goes on politically, or his numbers would be in the negative!!! It is too bad that so many Canadians are uninformed… that does NOT bode well for Canada!! He is systematically destroying Canada, but they don’t seem to comprehend that! I luckily won’t be around to see the final devastation and degradation that will be inflicted upon Canada, by a reprehensible, a disgraceful liberal government. The damage will carry on for a very long time! 47% of Canadians are right about the liberals’ poor handling… Read more »


Norbert: Not really anything to add here as I think you pretty much have it all covered. I’m wondering if he actually has to pull down his pants and have a dump in the HoC ( when he actually shows up for “work” that is ) for Canadian’s to finally realize that that is what he is doing to this country and our democracy that he so obviously holds in contempt. How could anyone have a positive view of anything this clown is doing? He should also be serving as a warning to others that marijuana should not be legalized.


My child’s grade 7 school teacher today asked the question “how many have heard of trudeau’s trip to India”. My child was the only one that put up his hand. Parents – start letting your kids in on Canada and what is going on. It’s their future at stake. I was very proud of this teacher.


Sophie Trudeau ‘Not a vacation, it’s serious work’

Spencer, I knew from day one that it was not a vacation. Only that, jihadi trudeau disguised this whole episode as a ‘so- call’ vacation involving his own children in his ruthless attempt to cause unrest in India. That’s how I see it.


I sincerely hope The Clown Prince Trudeau continues to show the Canadian people his true colours.


Civil Civilian

What a national disgrace the little boy who became a king unfortunatly his tiny insect brain never matured


Support for this joker, despite his ridiculous indeed pathetic attempts at governing, is still far too high. What will it take for those who still support this fool to realize that he is absolutely inept and leading Canada further into the abyss of failure?