LIAR: Trudeau Repeatedly Makes False Claim That Science Minister Won Nobel Prize

As his global image collapses and his poll numbers fall, Justin Trudeau is desperately churning out the lies.

His latest attempt to deceive Canadians relates to Science Minister Kirsty Duncan.

In the last week, Trudeau has twice said that Duncan is a “Nobel Prize winning scientist.”

She isn’t.

As noted by Global, Duncan’s official government biography says she “served on the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.” That is how the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says individuals who worked on its prize-winning research should be attributed.”

Yet, at both a women’s leadership event and an event with Bill Nye, Trudeau called Duncan a “Nobel Prize winning scientist.”

On Wednesday he said, “The backgrounds, the experience, the CVs — a Nobel Prize-winning scientist happens to be the woman in charge of the ministry of science.” 


Trudeau is lying.

If he said the Science Minister was part of a Nobel Prize winning panel, it would be completely true, and would still sound impressive to many people.

But Trudeau has decided that the truth isn’t quite good enough, so he’s lying about it instead.

And in case any Trudeau supporters try to say there is some ambiguity here, Global notes that the IPCC itself told people involved with the panel not to call themselves Nobel Prize winners:

“The prize was awarded to the IPCC as an organization and not to any individual associated with the IPCC. Thus it is incorrect to refer to any IPCC official or scientist who worked on IPCC reports as a Nobel laureate or Nobel Prize winner.”

If Trudeau made the false claim once once, it would be reasonable to think it was a slip-up. But now that he keeps repeating it, it’s obvious that he’s purposely lying, trying to make his government look better through the use of deception.

Of course, it doesn’t make Trudeau or the government look better. It just makes him look desperate, sad, and dishonest.

Spencer Fernando

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Just checked the official list of all Nobel recipients – Kirst Duncan has never received a prize. Trudeau is clearly misinformed, lying or both. What an incompetent fool!

Ron Voss

And I wouldn’t be proud of being part of an organization, the IPCC, an organization that promotes the hoax of man-made, er people-made, climate change.


To tell you the truth, Trudeau does not understand the difference. I am sure he was told but he is unable to understand the difference. I am not giving him an excuse here. That is why the country is in so much trouble, he is unable to hold that PM position. In his mind, he thinks is not lying, that is what is scary. The difference between being a Nobel Prize winner and being part of a team that receives the Nobel Prize is a huge difference.


He is padding his own resume as well. In Chicago he informed a group of political science students that before going into politics he taught “pre-law” in high school…only problem is he didnt as canada does not teach pre law and we also know from his public bio that he taught part time drama…guess he confused himself with someone else. Then in the next breath he told the crowd that whenbhe was done with that he went back to university to “do” engineering for a few years…only problem is he didnt. According to his public bio he. took engineering for… Read more »


As you also notice the ‘MUZZLED’ media think and agree with their master Justin since none of them have dispute him as of yet.


I wish we had those reporters from India who refuse to fawn over Justin trudeau, as our reporters. Apparently, the love and concern for their country is by far greater than any of the Canadian media could/would even echo for their own country Canada.


Spencer, before you delete, please listen to him:

Imam Tawhidi:
The Left (not all of course) are the real bigots. Watch what they’ve done to me:

That’s how Justin Trudeau thinks about us as bigots, Spencer


You go on Twitter and nary can you find a good comment about Trudeau. If I ever do find one Spencer I shall printscreen it and send it to you for posterity. And yet, there is a possibility that Trudeau will get elected again which would literally seal the deal for Canada’s existence of a sovereign nation. The pandering and propaganda directed towards women (and youth) is at a feverish pitch and I suspect they will try to maintain that pressure until the next election. These demographic groups are going to decide the next election. I guess we’ll see how… Read more »

Diana Barron

Turdo doesn’t even know what a Nobel Prize IS and if asked to explain it I’ll bet he can’t. He can’t produce a high school diploma, let alone a description of the Nobel Prize and it’s many disciplines. He’s a stupid clown, nothing more.

Hilary Ostrov

Not to mention that the actual “honour” bestowed on the IPCC – and shared with Al Gore – had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with science. It was the Nobel *Peace* Prize. Mind you, considering how utterly divisive Gore and the honchos of the IPCC have proven to be, one can only conclude that the word “peace” has been given a whole new meaning!

Christian moehling

Thnk yu spenser 4 keeping us up 2 date on our illustrious leader and his consistent gaffes.i simply cannot understand how he and the liberal party expect the citizenry &the world 2 take him seriously. It almost seems aas if justine is on bad pharma meds!!!!# one. very dissapointed indiginous canadian.


What an awful life he has when every time he moves his lips he lies. Fetal alcohol syndrome? A simple short search will show he has some of the classic symptoms caused by his female parent’s well-known consumption of alcohol and even drugs during her pregnancy. There is no known cure or treatment. He seems to have a distorted concept of right and wrong and seems incapable of accepting personal responsibility, instead continually blaming others. This is totally unacceptable for anyone in a position of authority and responsibility. Politics aside, the Liberal Party should do the right thing and replace… Read more »

Suzanne gallant

HIM AND Gooddale today representing the new rcmp MAN talking about THE LAW thoses TWO are definitely NOT THE people TO talk about the LAW THEY don’t know THE LAW JUST look at india for one of the hundreds of account unbelievable it’s sickening.

chris malmstrom

In his defence, you shouldn’t call Trudoh a liar … instead you should coddle him and hug him, for he is inbred, and because of this, is too stoooopid to understand fact from fiction.