Sophie Gregoire Trudeau Calls India Trip “Something That Went So Well”


It seems there’s at least one person who thinks Justin Trudeau’s India vacation went well:

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau.

Of course, it’s expected that she would support her husband, since Justin would be in big trouble if even she said the trip was bad.

But still, it just demonstrates how the Trudeau’s – a pair of elitists living the high life on the taxpayers dime – are totally out of touch with the Canadian people.

In an interview on CTV, Gregoire Trudeau tried downplaying the photo she had taken with convicted attempted murder Jaspal Atwal:

“When we stand in a photo line or when people come up to ask [for] pictures, it’s always a moment where I remind myself, it is their moment, and it is my moment because these people are showing me trust and confidence. So I stand there with all my presence and I take a picture with pleasure, then something shocking comes along. That’s life, right?”

Additionally, Gregoire Trudeau threw ‘officials’ under the bus for the criticism she and Justin faced for their over-the top clothing (likely paid for by taxpayers as well):

“On official trips you listen to officials who guide you and also clothing choices, because there are certain places where you have to have your head covered for example, or whatever it is, and I listen to the professionals.”

She also said the trip was “serious” work.


Gregoire Trudeau’s interview can be seen below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube