Sophie Gregoire Trudeau Calls India Trip “Something That Went So Well”


It seems there’s at least one person who thinks Justin Trudeau’s India vacation went well:

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau.

Of course, it’s expected that she would support her husband, since Justin would be in big trouble if even she said the trip was bad.

But still, it just demonstrates how the Trudeau’s – a pair of elitists living the high life on the taxpayers dime – are totally out of touch with the Canadian people.

In an interview on CTV, Gregoire Trudeau tried downplaying the photo she had taken with convicted attempted murder Jaspal Atwal:

“When we stand in a photo line or when people come up to ask [for] pictures, it’s always a moment where I remind myself, it is their moment, and it is my moment because these people are showing me trust and confidence. So I stand there with all my presence and I take a picture with pleasure, then something shocking comes along. That’s life, right?”

Additionally, Gregoire Trudeau threw ‘officials’ under the bus for the criticism she and Justin faced for their over-the top clothing (likely paid for by taxpayers as well):

“On official trips you listen to officials who guide you and also clothing choices, because there are certain places where you have to have your head covered for example, or whatever it is, and I listen to the professionals.”

She also said the trip was “serious” work.


Gregoire Trudeau’s interview can be seen below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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So she stands there “with all my presence” … oh my … and everyone is so in awe … of them both … !!!
Well, I hope putting on all that arrogance didn’t tire-out her and the boy-prince doing all that “serious work” …
Just like JT … not a clue to be had …
How sad for Canada!


They , the ragdoll and the Trudeau fake, just thrive on their arrogance and infuriating , ridiculous self confidence …. they really think they are ” something ” ….!! they do not listen though they say they do …they choose their audience ” seriously ” !!! bla de bla de bla …to give ” one s self ” importance !!!


And this airhead is the better half!


Sophie , Your a simpleton.Just like your husband or should I say wife Justin.


What happened to the start button indicating her superior “high-class status” she had on her forehead between her eyebrows for the first few family pictures?



Ron Voss

For her!
The PMO must have desperately called CTV to do something to protect Trudeau’s image. Don’t forget that there is cash in the recent budget for media that play along.


The Trudeau’s have spent a lot of time travelling internationally and helping special interest groups..their actions speak for themselves. But to bring it back to local issues, now I do not smoke marijuana but I cannot help but wonder as a few of the Trudeaus have smoked , how do they want to protect children from second hand smoke, if smoking has gone on even in their own home? And how do the police or is it the courts(?) seem at times to pick and choose to investigate and or pursue and or prosecute?

Ana Gomes

To complete the protection of children, what happens when the parents fall asleep, totally stoned,in front of the TV ,and the almost teenagers run around the house where the pot abounds and invites experimenting , just to look like model Grownups? Who is there to say NO?
There are things you can’t hide and the stash of pot in the house is one of them. The children will find it.You can take my word to the Bank.

Gary Weisbrodt

I believe she is right about there being protocol when meeting other cultures. Can you verify what that would be when traveling to India?

Allis Chalmers

I am sick of this country where many of our citizens cannot get proper health care or access to medicines or home care but this Liberal govt has no problem giving away to other countries millions of dollars of those people who pay their taxes in Canada. Ms Trudeau and her scum husband do not represent Canada or the CANADIAN people.

Norbert Kausen


Mike Hunt

Well said. Elitist parasites…like high class welfare recipients.


I think someone should investigate the visit of Trudeau with Aga Khan.
Not only the cost or anything but investigating for a link between that visit and the PM allowing, welcoming really, ISIS fighters into Canada.
There has to be a link.
It doesn’t make sense that any normal human being would think it is ok to allow a lot of murderers to come into your country and to live amongst the people as if nothing happened.
What was Trudeau promised?
Something smells and it is not a good smell!


Trudeau gave the Aga Khan $15 million and Khan turns around and is building a $15 million project in Ottawa or Toronto. Looks like we are paying for the property Khan will own.


Here’s a $25M development west of Edmonton paid for by a donation from the Aga Khan via the Canadian tax payer.

Ana Gomes

Charity is thy name, but Corruption is the game. Time to investigate all these politicians and religious leaders Charities.Everybody has one ,because they become so profitable. The best business in the world today.Look at the Clintons. Protected by the good feeling the sound of the word” Charity”. What could go wrong with it?


She’s quite a handsome woman, isn’t she?


CTV disabled the comments. They don’t do that very often.

Pierre Gelinas

OMG, she IS just dumb as the other….

Steve Shrewsbury

Don Martin wimped out on the interview and came across a scared little puppy! He let her run the interview and never followed up on the questions. We don’t have a First Lady as an official position but Sophie has made herself the defacto First Lady of Canada. The sooner these bafoons are gone the better !


Omg, she is as stupid and brain dead as the moron she is married to.. they remind me of ole fuddle duddle an Maggie back in the day. Not a sane thought in their empty heads.

A. Gomes

Canuck Bhangra Blues
Bhangra dancer, hello, Loony Loon,
I know I am an Indian…But what are you?
A parrot in the morn and a cuckoo bird at noon ?
Praying to my gods, whom you never knew?
Namaste hands , forced together with Crazy Glue?
Watery eyes held in trances of sincere extasy?
Bhangra, bhangra, to me, who, the hell, are you?
Your left foot first: Loopty lies to cloud the skies?
Please follow the cow jumping over the moon,
Because, Canuck clowns, out you all go, soon!

Ana Gomes

MLKing day again. Another opportunity to think about a great and balanced thinker How badly we need somebody like him today! .Did Sophie take this opportunity to make herself noticed by singing another one of her killer musical creations, may be expecting to interest any musical scout hiding in the crowd of the ML King Celebrations? And this time, she could add another attraction, like showing off her very useful East Indian Wedding Attire, which she could recycle, in order to prove her interest in helping the cause of making the Climate change, all by herself. No contract for a… Read more »


I don’t believe a word that came out of her mouth , she is all about Sophie only thinking of herself and the pedistle she now sits on , she’s a somebody in her mind ! A mother who has a couple of nanny’s to look after her own children who apparently is unemployed isn’t the best person in my books to say she supports women around the world she’s so far away from those women it almost sound like pitty not support . If she wanted to do some good she should steel that cheque book out of Justin’s… Read more »


Flake….just like her sidekick.

Don Taylor

Sophie is just as ignorant as Justin,they fit the names, dumb and dumber

Marg McKee

Everyone knows that in certain countries it is considered the rule to have heads covered. That is fine and dandy but splurging on complete outfits for the whole family is ridiculous. Sorry, but is it. Sophie says the trip was serious work. Exactly what kind of serious work did her children do ?? I am seriously surprised she she did not break out a song. No wonder people think this family is out of touch with reality.