GOOD CALL: Scheer Rejects ‘Free Trade’ With China, Shifts Focus To India

Canada and India have shared values, while China’s companies are dominated by the ruthless Communist Party.

During a trip to London to lay the groundwork for a potential Canada-UK trade agreement, Andrew Scheer has made it clear that he rejects the idea of Canada signing a ‘free trade’ deal with China.

As noted by the National Post, Scheer said “I don’t believe that now is the time for a free trade deal with China. Because it’s a completely different relationship. When we talk about free trade with the United States, with the countries in the TPP, with the United Kingdom, with India, we’re dealing for the most part with free market economies where the state-owned enterprises aren’t that much of a factor.”

“He listed off reasons that China would be difficult to deal with. “A very large number of government interventions in the economy, far more aggressive with things like currency, using currency as a trading tool, and, you know, completely different securities regulations, everything from transparency and things like that.”’

Scheer is on the right path here.

There’s no such thing as real ‘free trade’ with China, since we would be dealing with companies that are controlled by the Communist Party – which itself is now under the control of possible dictator-for-life Xi Jinping.

Under those circumstances, any company in China is really an extension of the Chinese government, and is being used as a tool to enhance their national power – which precludes any real trading agreement.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped the Trudeau government – led by a man who expresses admiration for Communist dictatorships – from selling our nation out to China at every potential opportunity. More and more of our country is being bought up by China while the government sits back and lets it happen.

So, Scheer standing against the idea of Canada signing a ‘free trade’ deal with China is great to see, and he should get credit for taking a stand that will be attacked by many of Canada’s disloyal corporate/banking elites.

And while the idea of a free trade deal with India has some serious concerns – particularly the massive difference in wages and regulations – at least discussions with India are based on a sense of shared democratic values and a similar understanding of the rule of law and private property. That at least creates the foundation for talks to proceed in a reasonable way.

Additionally, India’s economic growth is higher than China’s, and India has far more favourable long-term demographics – a young population – than China, which is aging rapidly.

By turning away from China’s communist dictatorship and towards democratic India, Scheer shows a level of strategic thinking that is totally lacking in the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Just goes to further prove what dull minded Trudeau passes off as ” new and worthy of 2015″ is simply lame, uneducated, uninformed and outrageously naive . His brand is cast and hopefully will be removed in 2019 !


I read this morning that China loans money to countries, in Africa, and if they cannot pay back these loans (default) China has the availability of taking their sovereignty? That they are building factories and mining and putting in railroads but the native people are not getting jobs from this. Our government owes a lot of money to????? Remembering what happened in Nova scotia years ago with lumber the province gave to a foreign country (not China) to pay a loan. Mr. Scheer is correct to not want free trade with this country, especially if our huge debt is theirs.

alan skelhorne

is he allowed to visit the usa n have meetings with the americans. ?????

Brian Mellor

Andrew is right. China has shown their Political and Government interference in other countries around the world. We can not allow their influence causing ways to affect our country nor our businesses.


A former Canadian Ambassador stated that 600 Canadian counter-espionage agents were transferred to counter-terrorism ,virtually opening opening the doors to Chinese agents. The transferred RCMP agents have no experience, and in many cases, no interest viv-a-vis Islamism/Jihadis