At Press Conference, Jaspal Atwal Says He Got Invite From Canadian Ambassador After Contacting Liberal MP

Trudeau’s conspiracy theory gets debunked again.

At a press conference to discuss the huge controversy surrounding his invite to a reception with Justin Trudeau and his appearance in a photo with Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, convicted attempted murderer Jaspal Atwal said he got the invite from the Canadian ambassador.

As noted by the CP, “Atwal said he received an invitation from the Canadian ambassador after asking Sarai. “When my attendance became the news story that brings us here today, I was completely shocked and devastated,” he said. “When I asked to consider attending the reception, I had assumed there would be no problem. No one at any point indicated there would be any issue.”‘

Atwal also apologized for “the embarrassment this matter has caused,” and said he had renounced Sikh Separatism.

The fact that Atwal was invited by the Canadian ambassador – and that the invite came after he spoke to Liberal MP Randeep Sarai – is the latest bit of info that once again debunks Trudeau’s conspiracy theory blaming India.

The theory had already collapsed when Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale was unable to defend it, and when Trudeau was caught trying to blame both Sarai and India within the space of five minutes.

The Atwal invite was the worst part of Trudeau’s terrible India trip debacle, and it’s taken a serious toll on his approval ratings.

Watch Atwal’s press conference below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Get rid of them all as soon as possible … the whole lot of them are totally useless … except as joke fodder!! Good to see them dropping in the polls … hopefully people are starting to realize the pm is an empty suit and is capable only of embarrassing Canada. When can we get a REAL PM … ??
By the way … do you miss Harper yet …???


TRUUDEAU is not only an Embarrassment; He is Bankrupting Canada at a very fast Pace.

chris malmstrom

Trudoh is inbred!! It’s the only reason I can come up with as to the constant lying to keep away from reality. Then again, he is Liberal and they are incapable of truth … naw, INBRED!!